Tokyo Mirage Sessions DLC Tamer Than Ever




A trailer revealing the first set of DLC costumes for Tokyo Mirage Sessions has naturally excluded any and all “inappropriate” outfits, an event that has likely shocked few considering the game’s aggressive approach to censorship – though the fact that the game has somehow managed to sell more copies in the US than in Japan may prove much more surprising.

The DLC trailer:

Tokyo Mirage Sessions and its ridiculous censorship can be experienced now for the Wii U.

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  • Anonymous says:

    The game is really good. The combat is fun. The characters are lovable, Kira is the best girl and Touma is one of my favorite sidekick characters ever. It’s a shame TreeHouse thought “How can we fuck this up?”

    • Yup. And they royally fucked it up to the point of forcing the story to contradicts itself.

      Ch. 2 (JP)
      “I don’t wanna pose in a bikini. It embarrassing and revealing!!!”
      “Alright. I’ll do some cute poses that fit me.”

      Ch. 2 (US)
      “I don’t wanna pose! I’m Shy!”
      “Alright I’ll pose. Yo Yo wad up playa?”

      Problem? She forgets that she acted like a tomboy in Ch. 4 when she’s offered to play a role of a tomboy for a TV show. And there’s a side story about her trying to overcome her shyness but according to the localization she should have already overcame her shyness.

      • Anonymous says:

        As for the stuff about overcoming shyness in a Side Story: That becomes available during the Intermission between chapter 2 and chapter 3, so it can be done BEFORE she “overcame her shyness”.

        You can end up with a similar kind of contradiction with Kiria’s Side Story. After chapter 2, you can unlock a Side Story in which she’s required to perform in a show that’s all about “cute”, which doesn’t fit her “cool” image. In chapter 4 she has absolutely no issue acting all cute while singing a Magical Girl anime theme song.
        Obviously, if you don’t complete the Side Story BEFORE chapter 4, the order of events will seem pretty contradictory. Same thing applies to Tsubasa as well.

        And finally, I think you’ve mixed up a few chapters. Tsubasa doesn’t act like a tomboy in chapter 4, she does so in chapter 5. Chapter 4 is when Barry and Mamori go to a singing contest show at Daitou TV. The tomboy act for “Sneeze Detective Maho” is in Daiba Studio.

        • Anonymous says:

          By the way: She isn’t exactly overcoming her shyness in the Side Story. She’s overcoming her nervousness and lack of self confidence.

          It’s one thing to shake hands with people you’ve never met, then stuttering or not knowing what to say, because you’ve blacked out.

          It’s another thing to pose in a photo shoot. Nobody cares if you stutter or have a black out while your picture is being taken.

    • Anonymous says:

      Because people just want quantity over quality nowadays and are willing to accept terrible, censored, and meme filled translations because they are huge nintendo fanboys. People want to push for their small corrupt group of Friends’ work rather than a quality product.

    • Anonymous says:

      Because the alternative is the publisher has concrete data that westerners don’t care for games like SMTxFE and they just won’t get localized at all again period.
      This is coming from a fan of Yakuza that waited 4 years for english Yakuza 5 as Sega rightly had concrete evidence that no one cares about Yakuza in the west.
      We can’t assume that there will be complete fan translations for all the awesome japanese games that never get localized.

        • Noodlestein says:


          That is the most illogical thing I’ve read in quite a while.
          I shouldn’t have to buy another console, with the Japanese version of the game, and LEARN Japanese to get the original version that was intended for the game to be, before corporate fucks decided to censor it because “oh it might offend those fragile westerners”

        • Anonymous says:

          I agree with the poster before me. In addition to requiring to import Jap Wii U+game, you need a Jap powerpoint converter and DLC is inaccessible unless you have Jap eshop account which requires jap residency info, etc. Its expensive and complicated.

          And to the idiot, I like the game but I didn’t buy it (played with restoration patch). I also understand Japanese, Your statement is contradicting itself LOL. you’re telling someone to learn Jap to enjoy it, then say why bother?

        • Anonymous says:

          That’s easier said then done. Since the game is region locked we’d have to import a Japanese Wii U and buy a copy of the game. I’m sorry but I’m not willing to spend that much to play one game. I shouldn’t have to shell out extra money because the game developer thinks it’ll make more money with stuff changed. FYI, the English version is still in Japanese. They just subbed it you dumbass.

          I love how idiots like him think it’s so easy to buy something from a different country. Sure it’s easy to buy, but I dunno, requires a lot more money than buying it where I’m from.

        • Anonymous says:

          this is the product that they want to sell, you don’t like it then don’t buy it and get over it.
          The product you want is still there in japanese , you can learn the language and enjoy it. or why do you need to bother and learn it , not as the story is 8/10

      • Don’t be an idiot. This game is not the only game ever to come out of Japan. For a long time now, japanese companies that dare to release in the west make more money with english versions than with japanese. The problem lies solely with companies led by old people like nintendo and sega. Even Bamco is now starting to produce english versions of Super Robot Wars (albeit released as SE Asia versions but whatever). No one will stop western releases anymore. Censoring has to be boycotted.

        • Anonymous says:

          And you, dear anon 19:21, should learn to recognize patterns.

          PS2 (2000), Xbox (2001), NGC (2002) > Gen 6
          Xbox 360 (2005), PS3 (2006), Wii (2006) > Gen 7
          Wii U (2012), PS4 (2013), Xbox One (2013) > Gen 8

          If you can’t even do this much, you may as well let your PC speak in your stead. It won’t be much smarter than you, but at least it’ll be faster and make less mistakes when typing.

        • Anonymous says:

          And you, dear anon 02:40, define the start of the current generation coincidentally at exact the same time as the Wii U release, right? Smarter people think that current gen started with PS4/Xbone. Wii U is last generation, Nintendo does not have a current generation console yet. And they will be ridiculously late to the party again with their NX. End of discussion.

        • Anonymous says:

          The “gen” in “current gen” means “generation”.
          According to Google, “generation” is defined as:

          > 1. all of the people born and living at about the same time, regarded collectively.

          The Wii U was released in 2012, followed by the Xbox One and PS4 in 2013. Therefore, the Wii U pretty much belongs to the current gen. It’s as simple as that.

          Using “generation” and “performance” interchangeably is a common misconception, because a newer device usually performs better than an older one. That doesn’t change the fact that generation describes the age of the console, not its performance.

          It’s why the GTX 1060 is a “current gen” GPU, even though it performs worse than a “previous gen” GTX 980 Ti. Generation simply has nothing to do with performance.

        • Anonymous says:

          The restoration patch is a fan made mod, essentially. It takes everything they can find that was changed for the US release and reverts it to the Japanese version.

          Mostly this means costume changes were reverted and text (with associated scenes) were redubbed and localized to be closer to the japanese version.

          It does mean you have to choose between the overwritten outfits though, you can’t have the japanese version for one character and the US version for another character (unless you take the released patch and alter it yourself) as the outfits have limited ‘slots’ for the game to read from, and I don’t think they ever figured out how to create more slots.

          At least, thats the state I’d last seen it at.

          The patch also requires access to the US version of the game, how you get that is, well, up to you. (so far as I’m aware, it does not require the japanese release at all)

      • Anonymous says:

        Are you my long lost brother? I loved valkyria chronicles and this game too! JRPG wise it’s beat what we have on PS4 now, PERSONA 5 isn’t out yet so right now it’s the top for me as well.

        I think they use similar cell engine as valkyria so when the character blush it really remember me of that game.

        The combat is super fun and over the top and allow really cool chian attack that isn’t complicated to pull off and visually stunning.

        It’s really a shame that had censorship but the game is still really fun.

    • Anonymous says:

      Jesus, this is the last place were weaboo makes any sense as an insult unless you mean people who genuinely think they are more Japanese than Japanese people.

      ps. Where is my moe Jesus?