Live Action Detective Pikachu Movie Confirmed


It has now been officially confirmed that a live action Pokemon film is being produced by Legendary Entertainment and will be based off the previously released Detective Pikachu game, an accomplishment that has no doubt been secured by the revenue generated by the ridiculously popular Pokemon Go.

Details of the movie are not yet public but it is presumed that more serious topics will probably not feature considering the Pokemon games are usually E-rated.

Some Pokemon enthusiasts however have naturally been questioning why of all games in the franchise that the Detective Pikachu game will serve as the basis for the film, considering how dissimilar it is to the rest of the Pokemon series.

The sudden news has also prompted the Danny DeVito petitioners to wonder whether the legendary actor will play a part in the film, a decision that would certainly garner much surprise…

The movie will apparently begin production in 2017, and will probably be in a good position to ride the wave of Pokemon Go’s phenomenal success.

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