Akiba’s Beat Trailer Way Too Cool




The seemingly strip-less Akiba’s Beat has gone in-depth with its “bad boy” chuunibyou character Yamato Hongo, an event that some may unreasonably label as catering to fujoshi – with the lack of the previous game’s staple clothes-rending action apparently serving as “further evidence”.

Yamato Hongo’s trailer (along with his absurd running animation, which all characters unfortunately possess):

Akiba’s Beat will terrorize Akihabara sometime in the fall for PS4 and Vita, and the game will make its way west in the winter.

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  • Anonymous says:

    Why this Persona wannabe not just rename to something else, like Shinjuku’s Beat: Persona? Cannot see anything related to Akihabara in PV. Pandering to fujoshi and SJW? The male characters designs looks not hot enough for them.