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  • Anonymous says:

    All these haters lol.

    I don’t pretend these games to be some high-art of games, but I love them, and have bought all day 1 on steam (well, minus the Noire spinoff and that brawler one, will get at big discount around xmas).
    Yes, it’s brainless, low-effort humour, just cute girls being cute and shit. And there’s nothing wrong with that. There’s a market for these, and I have no shame liking them.

    People act like these games make other devs make shitty games too lol.

    • Anonymous says:

      The problem is they don’t improve on them. CH is known for recycling content in a very heavy quantity and I don’t mean something like Square reusing things in Final Fantasy, which they only reuse concepts unlike CH, they literally just copy and paste content, things like the exact same enemy/player models, sprites, terrains and skill animations and put it into another game.

      All their Ps4 games can easily be put on a Ps3 or vita yet they make it Ps4 only so they can charge people an extra 10~20 dollars cause they know that the so called niche fanbase will purchase it.

      And people who enjoy this kind of stuff simply have low standards, like the people who like to watch trash anime like Hundred.

      As of now, their only good game is Genkai Tokki franchise, and not because of its combat.

  • Anonymous says:

    Good ol Compile Heart, making games they know the fanbase will buy despite being copies of their other games and being trash as well.

    Tossing it on the Ps4 just so people can buy a below average Ps3 game for more.

    Highly doubt they’ve even improved anything from the first game either as that’s something they haven’t done in ages.

    • Anonymous says:

      They added two additional story routes (giving it three story paths total), doubled the party limit from three to six in battle and strengthened enemies to compensate, and added additional character endings for all the cast members.

      So yeah, nothing different, right? >_>;

  • Anonymous says:

    I have played FFF and have it on Steam and regardless of people’s opinions of the game at least Fang, the main character is a beta pussy. He actually says what he means and does what he wants and if he wants to fuck a girl he says so. Is a welcome change from all the typical JRPG/anime themed games where the male protagonist are nothing but ball-less wimps.

  • Fairy Fencer F was the worst game CompileHeart ever released. That’s saying a lot. And it actually got praised on Steam is saying a lot about the state of gamers today (braindead idiots). This version might fix some problems and put it on Neptunia level at least.

      • It’s true, haven’t played that. Could see what the gameplay was like and no, thank you. I played one dynasty warriors game once and that was enough. FFF wasn’t any different though. I beat the final boss while holding down L2 to skip animations and just mashing x. Healing, strategy, buffs, debuffs required? Haha no. Just standard attacks for the entire game. If I had to name one game I regretted buying in the last 20 years, it would Fairy Fencer.

      • Anonymous says:

        What was good about the game? The character design. What else? That’s it. Gameplay was horrible, level design was horrible, story was mediocre (it had its moments), endings were horrible, game mechanics were horrible (lots of customization in a game that you could win by pushing x and nothing else). Party characters were introduced and then had 0 sentences in the rest of the game, I’m not kidding here.
        I have seen RPGmaker games with more effort.

  • Anonymous says:

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