Anata no Koto ga Kirai Desu: “They Will Never Love You!”


Game developer SEEC has catered to otaku with their release of “Anata no Koto ga Kirai Desu –Seishun Bishojo Renai Adventure–” (“I hate you!”), a smartphone title that revolves around the player fruitlessly attempting to earn the love of girls who despise him, a concept that will no doubt be adored by masochists who delight in being dealt savage verbal shootdowns.

A foreboding message that appears on-screen upon startup:


Warning! In this game, you will not be able to make the girls like you.

People who are not mentally resilient should not play this game under any circumstances.

We accept no responsibility for those who suffer ill effects to mind or body after playing. Thank you for you understanding.





The game apparently offers no feasible means of achieving a romantic victory with the glorious girls on offer; though this has yet to be fully proven, the voyage itself will surely produce a great deal of revenue for the game’s clever developers.

Oddly enough, the game has actually been generating praise due to its more realistic depiction of romance (or at least for its similarities to the failed love lives of some), rather than simply providing the same easily conquered women that so commonly plague the visual novel scene:

“This feels more human than those games with ditzy girls who appreciate and praise you just because you helped them out a little.”

“Yeah, this is more realistic than a poorly made romance game (no, I’m not crying!).”

“This has helped me reexamine myself.”

Those who think they can withstand the verbal assaults of these hardened 2D girls can play the game now on either iOS or Android.

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