Bleach Manga “Will Finally End In 10 Weeks!”


Vice President of Global Shonen Jump Hisashi Sasaki has revealed that the highly acclaimed Bleach manga will end in about 10 weeks, sure to be a catastrophe for the Bleach fans who likely have no idea what to do once their beloved franchise comes to an end…

Sasaki had divulged by way of the Weekly Shonen Jump Podcast that series creator Tite Kubo believes the manga will conclude within 10 weeks, naturally causing many to wonder what took so long considering the manga’s final arc began in 2012…

Despite the fact that the legendary manga will soon come to an end, it is likely that the franchise itself will still persist in the form of spin-offs or alternate stories, much like with Naruto – not to mention that the potential for a new anime is also highly likely since the previous one ended prematurely and much stock of material has been accumulated since.

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