Pokemon Go Becomes Biggest Mobile Game in US History


Nintendo’s astronomically popular Pokemon Go has evolved into the biggest mobile game in US history, surpassing even the might of social media app Twitter in regards to active daily users and overshadowing Facebook in terms of average time spent using the app.

According to a report from Survey Monkey, ravenous Pokemon fans have driven the game to being the most actively played in the US (almost 6% of the US’s android-using population), surpassing even the might of Candy Crush Saga – though apparently the average time spent playing the game has still fallen short in comparison to other apps.

Survey Monkey’s graph and some others showcasing the time spent in other popular apps:




The game has even seen to an immense number of users in countries where it is not yet available, indicating that the mega-hit is so popular as to defy the virtual borders of the Play police:


So massive has Pokemon Go become that Hollywood is attempting to acquire the rights to produce a live action Pokemon movie, a decision that may very well send the game’s massive numbers spiraling into the other direction considering Hollywood’s infamous reputation for bastardizing beloved Japanese franchises.

Skeptics are still expressing concerns over whether Nintendo can manage to maintain the interests of its gargantuan user base, an issue that the company has apparently been forced to contend with before with Miitomo, a game that became highly popular only to rapidly become completely deserted – although that game did not have Pikachu…

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