Yakuza Make 14-Year-Old JC Service Hundreds


Kanagawa police have apprehended a yakuza member who forced a 14-year-old girl into prostitution back in December, with the unfortunate girl apparently having serviced “over 100” customers before being rescued from her plight.

The accused 27-year-old gangster had supposedly kept the girl locked up in an apartment and forced her to have sex with customers who paid anywhere from ¥15,000 to ¥30,000 for the privilege – with the girl apparently getting no cut of the profits nor any other benefit.

The heinous crime has caused police to arrest not only the yakuza member but also a 19-year-old boy, a 15-year-old girl and one other unidentified associate, with the 27-year-old being the only one to deny his wrongdoings.

Police were told that the girl (who initially ran away from home) was captured and forced into prostitution, with the suspects keeping watch over her at all times to prevent her from escaping – fortunately for her, she managed to escape in March and contacted the authorities.

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