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    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah. They’re pretty sick. Other than Nagito and Izuru which we already knew from the game;

      Souda = created legions of lethal monokuma bots. and he got no qualms spamming live rounds at people
      Sonia = command a legion of followers and owns an armored tank to chase people with
      Mikan = play the lethal version of playing doctor with her victims
      Gundam = trained animals to literally murder people
      Fatogami = specializes in infiltration & stealth. most likely good at destroying rebel factions from inside by planting distrust and stealing infos
      Akane & Nekomaru = from the looks of it, they function as the muscle of the team. probably bashed people in the skull for the heck of it
      Mahiru = probably specializes in taking pictures of people in despair. or in the middle of being put into despair
      Teruteru = whatever he’s cooking, the ingredient’s for sure not love
      Ibuki & Hiyoko = music and dancing is the best tool to spread culture. and despair
      Fuyuhiko & Peko = fuyuhiko commands a legion of armed men in monokuma masks a-la yakuza and probably in charge of spreading terror & launching armed assaults. peko is still the same, being fuyuhiko’s bodyguard and specializes in assassination