Teen Discovers Dead Body With Pokemon Go


The newly released (and immensely unstable) Pokemon Go has lead one particularly unlucky player to discover a dead body at a nearby river in Wyoming, a catch that the unsuspecting trainer was likely not at all expecting.

Pokemon Go revolves around players exploring the outside world in order to discover Pokemon virtually in-game, with many inanimate objects and areas housing the invisible critters – all no doubt causing a tremendous increase in oblivious smartphone users pottering around the city and wilderness.

This concept however sadly proved rather distressing for one teenage girl who set out for a nearby river in hopes of catching the water-based denizens potentially lurking there, as she ended up locating a dead body instead of a precious pocket monster.

Police are currently attempting to identify the deceased, with investigations revealing that there are no indications of “foul play”, suggesting that the victim’s death may have been the result of an accident rather than Go-induced stranding or otherwise.

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