Metroid II Fan Remake Nears Release




The creators behind Metroid fan-game “Project AM2R” have revealed that – after years in development – their project will soon be unleashed upon the Metroid community, bound to appeal to hardcore enthusiasts of the series who don’t mind the fact that the game may be horrible due to being a fan creation.

Project AM2R is a recreation of the classic Metroid II, boasting a graphical update that makes the game seem similar in visual style to that of Metroid: Zero Mission and additionally modernizing the game with quality-of-life improvements such as a map, smarter AI and new mechanics.

A rather ancient PV:

Project AM2R is slated for an August 6th release as indicated by a countdown timer on the title’s official blog, though whether or not the game will ever make it to release day without being issued a cease and desist from Nintendo is still a matter of some concern.

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