Uniqlo T-Shirt Contest “Get A Chance to Meet Miyamoto!”




Nintendo have partnered with Japanese clothes retailer Uniqlo for a T-shirt design contest, allowing winning illustrators the opportunity to meet the legendary Shigeru Miyamoto in the flesh.

Submissions must naturally involve Nintendo characters and themes in order to qualify, with grand prize winners not only snagging $10,000 but also an invitation to the awards ceremony where they will get to meet Shigeru Miyamoto; in addition the winners will obtain an autographed Nintendo NX and have their shirt design be sold as an official product at Uniqlo stores.

A video comprised of sample designs:


T-shirt designs will be accepted until August 31st with entries from all over the world accepted – more information can be found via the contest’s official site.

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  • Anonymous says:

    Too bad it’s not a chance to meet Reggie. There’s a person I’d like to punch in the face and piss on his feet. Worst President/COO (and now XO) of a company ever. Or at least tied with the fucks at Enron.

    Why couldn’t Satoru Shibata also run the North American offices? He actually understands the international market.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yeah, but he’s way past his prime at this point and started ruining titles. The guy had a good run, but he’s just getting senile at this point and should probably just retire before he fucks over more games.

      • Anonymous says:

        I remember when games like Frogger and Donkey Kong were new. They were great for their time. However, making great games 20-30 years ago when the technology wasn’t there yet to allow for even greater doesn’t forgive making mediocre-at-best games today when modern technology allows for far, far more.

        Especially his stance on storytelling and character development, being that said ideas are worthless to him as a game developer. Made sense 20-30 years ago when storage space was at a premium. Now? It’s either being lazy as all get out or being so entrenched in the past he doesn’t even know what year it is now.

        This may be fine for StarFox, but Paper Mario is as much a JRPG as anything else. A JRPG with a producer who disdains storytelling & character development?

        I respect Miyamoto for what he has done in the past, but that is all he is now: The Past.

        • Anonymous says:

          Pokemon does have character development and story……

          The earlier pokemons followed this formula start small get medals beat the bad guys(sometimes) win the league

          now lets back up a bit, whats the meaning of RPG?Role Playing Game, you do role play as the character you are playing in pokemon , you feel weak in the beginning with your low levels , and then by the end when you conquer the last challenge you feel empowered and invincible, wouldn`t that qualify as character development?

          As for story like i mentioned earlier , the plot is the following, give pokemon from the professor , get medals , beat the bad guys , beat your rival , beat the league , beat the big 4 , beat your Rival.
          True it is rudimentary but it is a story nonetheless.

        • I don’t even like Miyamoto, but for different reasons. If you’re one of those kids that thinks story is important in games, well, have it your way. Lots of developers are already catering to you. The games they make usually suck, though. Because it’s good gameplay that makes a good game and nothing else.

          “Tell me then, Chen-04, what is a JRPG and/or Adventure game without character development and story?”

          Awesome? Just look at the sales and general popularity of Pokemon, for example. Or do you want to claim Pkmn has character development? Or a story?

        • Anonymous says:

          @ Chen-04

          That is the most asinine thing I have ever read. I frequent 4chan, NeoGaf, and Gamefaqs, so that is saying something important to you.

          Tell me then, Chen-04, what is a JRPG and/or Adventure game without character development and story? Because Paper Mario is a JRPG and/or Adventure title depending on how you want to look at it.

          The answer is a throw-back to 1988.

          This is not 1988. G

          ames and progressed beyond “press button to punch, press joystick to move”. Games encompass entire worlds, multiple perspectives and competing ideas to strike the imagination of the player. Video games have become a legitimate form of storytelling in an interactive form. Everything from Grand Theft Auto to Tekken has story (some more ridiculous than others, but the story is there) and character development (with fighting games, such development usually occurs over the span of several titles).

          Even Final Fantasy I & Dragon Quest I had story telling, even if it was very limited due to the tech limits of the time. Phantasy Star I had story telling in spades due to the devs having more memory to work with.

          Do YOU want to play such games without ANY story and character development? If you do, then go back to tabletop games. Oh wait, you can’t. A good Dungeon Master (DM) sets-up the story and progresses it as the players progress. Oops.

          Some games are fine without story. But to say ALL games are fine without story is LITERALLY the most idiotic words ever written/spoken/THOUGHT.

          Good Job. You proved yourself to be a fool who just HAD to open his mouth or a die-hard Miyamoto supporter irregardless of just how wrong he is.