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  • Anonymous says:

    They lost me when KOF went 3D.
    Wasn’t the point of KOF13’s limited roster because they were going with new high res sprites to differentiate and the next year we’d have more characters because the other characters in KOF13 had their sprite work already done? Why did they abandon all that work to look like a cheap SF4 copy??

  • Anonymous says:

    People who immediately bitch about this game are retards who don’t even know the slightest details about modern SNK

    “Why did they stop using those awesome pixel art sprites :(”

    They stopped a million years ago when the company was bought and resold like 3 times

    “why did they add such a weeaboo anime character, KOF is for men”

    stupid thing to complain about something japanese in a game where the main character’s team is called JAPAN TEAM and the main character’s name is Kyo Kusanagi

    “they don’t care about the fans :'(”

    KOF 2002 was the most popular release of the game and you can see by the gameplay videos other people have uploaded to youtube that many of the movements and physics were based on KOF 2002’s system even if it wasn’t the newest one.

  • Anonymous says:

    Funny how all these people bitch and whine about how the game is bad now and they are “dropping” (I put it in quotes because I doubt anyone bitching is a real player outside of a few games they’ve played where they were button mashing anyways) the game even though they haven’t played the game yet.

  • Anonymous says:

    So i found the bunch of idiots who created Sylvie, the movie “SAW” be the Smurfs compared with the amount of “things” that I’m going to do to thats bastards. Firts doa put the autist marie rose, and now my Kof put a more autist version of rose.