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  • Anonymous says:

    I’m not really into open world games
    I find them damn near most to be boring
    Fallout, Elder Scrolls, GTA, Borderlands and so on…

    I’m not really looking forward to this Zelda…
    The trailer did nothing for me and in truth made me more not care for it.

    I hate how we are getting most AAA games as open worlds… they just not fun to play. :/

    • Anonymous says:

      This game is more focused on “having fun while you’re lost” than other open world games (where getting lost is more about trying to find out where you are and where you want to go to get un-lost). Breath of the Wild does have light beacons to remind you where you want to go, but there will be a lot to do along the way. You may find yourself distracted by a treasure chest guarded by a horde of bokoblins, or you may find a shrine with a cool rune for your sheikah slate. You may set a beacon and along the way find a mountain nearby that you want to climb, or decide to sit by a campfire whilst cooking the items in your inventory down for better effects. You may decide that you want to head straight for Hyrule Castle and fight the Calamity Ganon with just the equipment you have at the time without learning the story.

      In games like Skyrim and Fallout getting lost is a bad thing (until you get to the post game stuff). There may be something along the path you’ve chosen, but it’s still mainly walking or running to your destination. It doesn’t help when there’s a mandatory storyline that must be progressed through to reach an anticlimactic final boss that doesn’t even lead to an ending cutscene or credits sequence (Alduin from Skyrim). Seriously, Skyrim just kind of keeps going after you beat its final boss.

      In Breath of the Wild there will be a somewhat guided story (where everything links up in the end), but you’re still free to do whatever you want and deviate from the suggestions the NPCs will give you. There will probably be a point where they don’t give you a hint on where to go next, but that will be when you can branch out and choose which region of Hyrule you want to explore next.

      The way Calamity Ganon is introduced makes him seem like the greatest destructive force Hyrule has ever seen. It feels like ‘if he’s freed Hyrule is gone’ because he’s already as strong as he can get and he obviously has at least the Triforce of Power and possibly the complete Triforce in his possession. If you bother to finish the whole story (Find out why Link was brought back to life 100 years into the future, who that mysterious female voice is, why Ganon was sealed in Hyrule Castle, etc.) I’m sure there will be a huge climactic feel to the final battle unlike Skyrim.

        • Anonymous says:

          It seems as though you can completely bypass most of the story and NPCs and just go do whatever. In the demo the Old Man on the Great Plateau can be completely ignored in favor of activating the resurrection towers first. He still talks to you afterwards, but it’s to offer you his para glider (the only way off of the plateau) in exchange for beating the 4 Shrines of Trials on the Plateau. Link also seems to have a response for every conversion (when the Old Man is sitting by the fire Link responds to every text box with 1 of 2 choices) instead of just standing there listening for who knows how long without so much as a peep.

      • Anonymous says:

        You probably just suck at Zelda games. The biggest issues I hear from people who say that is either “fuck auto jump” or “I can’t move and aim at the same time”. Auto jump can easily be controlled as long as you roll before you jump. You could always move and aim on horseback as long as you had arrows, and in Wind Waker HD and Twilight Princess HD you can move and aim on foot FPS style. This game doesn’t even have these issues. In Breath of the Wild Link has an actual jump button (tied to a rock climbing mechanic) and his bow is set to the right trigger allowing him to move and aim like a modern shooter allows. My big question for you is: have you ever even beaten a Zelda game? It seems you just bash it without ever having played one.

    • The issue with open world is they significantly diminish any real plot or character development. Open world adds nothing to gameplay in and of itself if you have an area large enough to work with. The ideal is what best older RPGs managed to achieve which was the illusion of open-world with an actual relatively linear guidance.

      • Anonymous says:

        Right. In other words, fog of illusion. There’s a sense of craft and care in the world which allows it to exude personality rather than just some procedural blops of terrain everywhere. It’s sad that most JRPGs in the newer generation completely moved away from having any kind of world map to begin with.

      • Anonymous says:

        Pretty much, ya
        I’ll never understand why people enjoy playing more then half the game walking around doing nothing and another quarter exploring caves with nothing of value in them… as well seeing the same environments and enemies over and over…

        • Anonymous says:

          1. Exploration is fun to do,but limit yourself from overkill.

          2. Sometimes getting rare stuff thats better than you have now is good to get through in the game.

          3. There could be backstoryies/lores hidden in said undiscovered areas. (Darks Souls executes this well)

          4. It’s a choice to explore not really a force to do that all at once. Like said it will overkill your fun. ( Unlike dark souls you’re fucked anyways.)

          5. Over play exposer will even kill the fun too. Example is of 3-6 hr in one sitting is too much.

          6. It’s probably not your genre of fun so play something else.

    • Anonymous says:

      Even if you were right (you are demonstrably not) still have a bit of respect and gratitude for the people who brought joy to you at some point and transformed the industry. Even if you disagree with their latest stuff, there’s no reason to dismiss the human being.

      What a sad, angry piece of entitled shit you are. The beauty, wonder and joy that past and present games and movies those people created were entirely lost in you.

      • Anonymous says:

        He’s only being right about present, not insulting the “former” guy. the only angry piece of shit is the one who suppose others are thinking bad about because they overextrapolate things in a malevolent way only on their own. For the pathetic pleasure of going apeshit-crusader about their imaginary disrespect of Art, captainobviousing about “art and beauty” EVERYONE knows, and also knows is gone for like a decade. So please, bitch, calm your tits.

    • Anonymous says:

      Miyamoto only worked on the physics and gameplay aspects of this game (what he does best). Everything else was handled and supervised by Aonuma (who’s been involved since LttP and OoT and been the director of every Zelda game since MM).

      • Anonymous says:

        He hasn’t really been worthy of respect for about a decade. He hates story, he hates character development, he hates everything that is what modern adventure and RPG titles are.

        He is a symptom of what is wrong with Japanese business (and University professors & some school teachers in Japan and the U.S.A.): Once an employee reaches a certain point, they’re tenured. You can’t get rid of them unless they do something so egregious that it would get the police/FBI involved. Which leaves the business/school (Nintendo in this case) filled with people who know they have a job for life so why bother even trying to make a better product outside desire for sales? Why bother challenging yourself? Why bother listening to your customers?

        Absolute career stability breeds absolute complacency. Occasionally you’ll get someone who wants to change things up, make things exciting. How long that lasts depends on how long it takes for them to be hammered down by everyone else. Just look at Capcom & Konami (even if they’re a “family”-run yakuza-wannabe). It’s also why we won’t be rid of Reggie or Trinen any time soon, even though their vision for Nintendo is in direct opposite to the rest of the industry.

        Even Disney murdered lemmings by the hundreds for a few seconds of film reel.

        • “He hates story, he hates character development, he hates everything that is what modern adventure and RPG titles are.”

          … so he hates everything that is wrong with modern games. Good guy. If I wanted a story I’d read a fucking book.

        • Anonymous says:

          Dude, most people who critique 3d zeldas tend to do so because of the story focus compared to the 2d games which were more about exploration. This new zelda in alot of ways seems to be aiming to go more that way, with systemic explorative gameplay, instead of narrative driven gameplay.

          Also, modern adventure games aren’t necessarily characterized by the things you cited. Take dark souls, for example.

    • Anonymous says:

      Are you blind? Don’t you mean another rehash of Wind waker & skyward sword? I wish it was a proper OOT style game but it’s clearly not and thats why the series is basically dead. RIP Zelda. Minish Cap was like the last good game.