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China Banker Spanker “I’ve Been Doing It For Years!”


The latest controversial video to instill rage across the internet has involved a Chinese banking trainer spanking some of his worst performing employees in a training exercise, an act that some believe may have been an excuse for the man to fulfill his sexual fantasies…

The event transpired at a training session for the Changzhi Zhangze Rural Commercial Bank where over 200 employees witnessed a trainer grill 8 employees as to why they received the lowest scores on a training exercise, following up this interrogation with a physical assault on their posteriors – and apparently also shaving their heads afterwards.

A video capturing the ridiculous “punishment”:

The bank’s chairman and deputy governor have been suspended as a result of the incident, additionally prompting an apology from the trainer who has stated that the spanking was “a training model I have tried for years” and was not a decision by the bank’s executives – implying that this means of “disciplinary action” had apparently been doled out for quite some time.

An investigation has already been set in motion by the Shanxi Rural Credit Co-operatives Union (the bank’s regulator), additionally promising compensation for the victims involved – whatever that may be for individuals who have been paddled against their will.

Naturally the event has garnered an overwhelming amount of opprobrium online, with most of it being directed toward the trainer’s apology, focusing more on directing the blame from his superiors onto himself rather than apologizing to those he abused as it did.

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