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Hajimete no Novel Game “Made by Hitomi Harada!”




Esteemed seiyuu Hitomi Harada (known for her role as Baka to Test’s Mizuki Himeji) has announced that she will be attending the 3rd day of the upcoming 90th Comiket to present her visual novel “Hajimete no Novel Game” to the masses, certainly surprising many.

Harada created the visual novel whilst recovering from a damaged coccyx last fall by utilizing the “Script Shoujo Novel-chan” app, with the game quickly accumulating a great deal of attention and prompting the budding young novel developer to create a new fully-voiced version for C90.

Hajimete no Novel Game’s OP:

The game’s theme song, accompanied by a cute animation:

The visual novel will come in 3 editions: deluxe, special and the regular edition – with the deluxe edition also coming bundled with an oppai mouse pad:


Hitomi Harada’s new iteration of Hajimete no Novel Game will be available at Comiket 90 on August 14th at Honey Contrast’s booth – the original version can be downloaded for free now.

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