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Schoolgirl Pantsu Pilferer Nabbed


A man suspected to have been involved in numerous cases of sexual assault on women throughout Hino city and other nearby areas of western Tokyo has been arrested after failing to steal the underwear of an 8-year-old girl.

The 41-year-old man attempted this misdeed back in May when he apparently approached his young victim from behind on a motorcycle and forced her skirt up to try and forcibly remove her undergarments, with the girl kneeling down in defense and thus thwarting his efforts, after which he drove off.

Upon apprehension by police (and being charged with attempted sexual assault), the suspect stated that he “does not recall the incident” – a fruitless endeavor as it was revealed that he left evidence at the scene linking him to the case.

The alleged thief:


Police are investigating further (or else trying to clear their unsolved case log quite nicely), believing the man is responsible for over 60 similar instances of sexual assault on both women and children in the region.

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  • Anonymous says:

    Takes me back to fond memories. I used to live in a pretty populated neighborhood with many families with young kids. We also had a pool nearby and as you can see where I’m going with this I was able to steal a lot of underwear and swimsuits and regular clothing (socks/bras) for a few years. There was also a lot of foreign families and if you know foreign families they still wash their clothes old style and hang them to dry. I’d sneak out in the evening when I knew they were inside and steal panties off the clothesline.

    Sometimes on a hot day the little girls would take off their sweaty socks and walk barefoot to the pool but leave their shoes/socks near their home door. I’d steal their socks and sniff them then jerk off inside them. The smell of little girl feet was so wonderful and a swimsuit of a little girl after she took it off from swimming to change into regular clothes was so good too. It was cold but had a bit of bodily warmth still on it.

    I miss those days. After 2-3 years a lot of the families left due to increasing rent from the landlord and cutting costs in the building which was leaving it fall apart. Once they left I also had no reason to stay and went onward to a more populated area once again

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s easier to steal belongings than an actual person. I would grab my girl and tell her all I want is her used panty, and if she complies and doesn’t struggle nothing else will happen. If it went smoothly, yeah, I would take my treasure and run while she ran the opposite direction. If she struggled, then she gets punches and penetrations. A lot of them put up a fight. My point is that if they yell and try to defend themselves when all I want is a piece of used cloth, then you can imagine the difficulties of trying to kidnap a girl.

      • Anonymous says:

        Kidnapping kid is actually very easy if you understand child psychology.

        My nephew almost got kidnapped last year by a woman on shopping mall. And he didn’t even scream or cry.

        • Anonymous says:

          I would probably agree to that. There are a couple instances in my life I can think of that would have fucked me up if it were the wrong people, but these are a combination of things rather than just psychology.

          I was invited into a man’s home once led in by candy of all things, and he wanted to show off his huge fish tank with exotic fishes. I think this was actually on Halloween night. I revisited his home a couple of more times on the following days for fun. He also had a wife and three-legged dog both of which I didn’t see on the day I met him.

          I went to a park with my mother and another mother with her kids. I pouted about something stupid and refused to do anything. Both mothers thought it would be a good idea to leave me at the park while they take the other kids home then come back for me later. It was getting late and dark. I was pretty much the only kid left there. I decided to walk home thinking I knew exactly the way home (turns out I was actually walking the opposite direction by the way). I walked about a mile or two, and when I was about to cross a drive way leading up to some warehouse a black van suddenly pulled up. A woman came out of the van and forced me in. She had three other kids sitting in the back of the van. She started asking me questions and drove me back the park where my mother and her friend were looking for me. She confronted them and threatened to call the police. They resolved it, and I went back home like nothing happened.

  • Lawson Taylor says:

    How awkward that must have been to try and steal the panties off some school girl(I imagine just in the middle of some street), fail, then have to just drive off like, “SHIT!”