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Father Murdered With Chopsticks: “He Was Annoying!”


A man who stabbed his father to death with a pair of chopsticks has been convicted of murder, a crime that few could have guessed was even possible with the highly common eating utensil.

The 51-year-old Osaka man apparently stabbed his 81-year old father after a heated argument broke out whilst they were in their kitchen, with the accused being arrested and charged with murder but ultimately denying his chopsticks-based crime.

According to quotes provided by police, the supposed murderer had stated his intentions were “not to commit murder” and that he was simply annoyed at his father’s “speech and conduct”, though what else exactly he planned to accomplish by forcibly thrusting chopsticks into his father’s throat however has not been revealed.

The Osaka stabber shared a residence with not only his father but 7 others, leading to a hasty arrest and possibly suggesting a reason why the man was so short-tempered.

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