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Tales of Berseria Gameplay Revealed




Editors hailing from several different gaming magazines have been granted the opportunity to try out a demo for Tales of Berseria, graciously giving non-editor peasants a glimpse as well and enlightening them to a variety of new features that will hopefully generate a great deal of interest from more than just Tales fanatics.

Famitsu’s Katsuhiko Hayashi regarding the demo:

Dengeki PlayStation’s Yoshimichi Nishioka and his insight:

Viva Tales of Magazine’s Shusuke Toyoshima in regards to the game:

Tales of Berseria can once again earn the undying praise of loyal Tales fans when the game launches on August 18th for the PS4 and PS3 – the west will obtain the title in early 2017 for the PS4.

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    • Stahn Aileron says:

      I would agree if it weren’t for Xillia. I loved the gameplay (for the most part), but the story and setting were… Not typical “Tales”-fare content.

      The setting was dull, bleak, and felt pretty empty. Other Tales games were more colorful, upbeat, and lived-in (excluding plot events).

      The story was really depressive and pretty half-assed. I find it telling that I didn’t have much attachment to any of the characters (story-wise or personality-wise; I did had gameplay attachment.)

      And I still don’t get how we went from Xillia to Xillia 2 story-wise. With how Xillia 1 ended and Xillia 2 turned out, it’s like the dev team just gave up and tried to start over but got too depressed to keep going.

      Tales of Zesteria feels much more like the usual Tales content. Now if it weren’t for the stupid battle camera…

      • Anonymous says:

        Replace Xillia with Zestiria and I agree.
        Zestiria was a horrible game with an inconsistent story, boring characters, horrible combat, copypasted dungeons (how many caves can you have in a game?) and half-baked crafting. Add technical issues like the infuriating combat camera and you got yourself the worst mothership Tales of title ever. I had to force myself to play it to the end and it’s the only Tales of that I haven’t done a second play-through.

        Xillia was a darker story with flaws, but it was much more fun to play than Zestiria ever was.

        • Stahn Aileron says:

          To be honest, Tales has been on something on a downhill since Graces:F/Vesperia (though I haven’t played ToV since it was Xbox-only in the US.) All the really good games were pre-2010’s, IMHO.

          As for Xillia: I’m fine with a darker story, but it felt mismatched with Tales’ typical style. The characters barely felt like they had any attachment to the plot either. (Then again, maybe that was just the EN dubbing…)

          At this point I’ve relegated myself to being a Tales fan mainly for the combat system. The basic plot and premise for a Tales game has been done over as many times as the number of Tales games. You can only rehash a story so many times before the audience gets jaded.

          The ToH remake was fun, but it (like Graces:F) was just a remake of a game from Tales’ high point during the 2000’s.