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Tokyo Mirage Sessions Bursting With Character




A plethora of trailers have emerged featuring the attention-loving characters of the soon-to-arrive Tokyo Mirage Sessions, acquainting watchers with the game’s multitude of idol combatants to hopefully secure some sales with their colorful personalities (since sex appeal is apparently out of the question).

The slew of character trailers:

Tokyo Mirage Sessions will begin its performance in the west on June 24th for the Wii U.

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  • Anonymous says:

    Anyone who purchases the non-Japanese versions of Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE hates video games, hates artistic freedom and the rights of artists in all fields to not have their work bastardized by anti-intellectual ‘Philistines’ who are devoid of culture and liberal art, are ‘Philistines’ themselves, loves how under-18-aged idols are severely sexualized in media and often forced to fuck to enhance their careers, fantasized about raping their family members, and are violent anarchists in general.

    I mean, there’s literally only one other explanation as to why anyone WOULD buy the non-Japanese version(s) game: They support Nintendo no matter WHAT they do to screw over both their consumers and their own products.

    Which makes these supporters retards with the mental faculties of an antique toaster.

    So to those buying the game: Are you:

    A: An uncultured baby-fucker rapist who wants the world to burn?
    B: A toaster made in 1924?

    There’s no option C.

        • Anonymous says:

          Apparently everybody gives a shit but you son.

          As some other commenters, I am not supporting this. If they think there isnt a market for this outside it is actually good and I will tell you why, 1)if you don’t buy they won’t bring more of this, 2)if you buy they will bring more of this AND FUCKING CENSOR IT AGAIN.

          Since I don’t want it censored and would not buy it again if it is, it is a win win for me, and a lose lose for them. It is their job to please the fans, if they can’t figure out they are losing sales based on censorship I could care less, the market is big, I will invest my money on other products.

        • Anonymous says:

          @23:25 12/06/2016

          > Is more pathetic and retarded buy a game inferior to the original, with less contend, and supporting the censorshio. The next game will be MORE censored.

          That’s wrong. Companies don’t censor games because they like it. They do it because they feel like they have to in order to avoid all kinds of legal issues.

          If anything, censoring a game means more effort, which directly translates into lower benefits. After all, you need to waste additional money for testing if the game still works after content has been removed (which costs money).

          Don’t be retards. If you have a problem with censorship, go have a talk with those TRULY responsible: either your government or the idiots working for USK/PEGI/whatever.

        • Anonymous says:

          Did you see your score on your comment?

          It’s not a good game. It’s not even mediocre. The gameplay is perfumed ass, the characters are sticky ass, the writing that we’ve seen is ass that hasn’t been wiped in 17 years, and have you SEEN the final battle?! I’m violently puking just remembering it. That’s not even considering the censorship. But let’s bring that up as that’s what you’re focusing on!!!

          The censorship is so severe that it COMPLETELY hides from non-Asian eyes just how disgusting the idol industry is and just how poorly these starlet wannabes are treated – by both the industry and their fans. I almost wonder, considering how NoA did the same to Fatal Frame V, if it’s not also due to the Olympics in Tokyo in 2020 and Nintendo trying to ensure that the world sees Japan in a “positive light”, like how we’ve all read in other news articles how certain “perverted media” is being banned and hidden all over Japan to hide it from foreigners. Besides Nintendo of America being their typical “we’re going to hide the fact that we’re the most perverted perverts on the planet by hiding “perverted things” in our games…it works for politicians!!!” neurotic anti-consumer selves as usual.

          It just seems so strange that two very different games dealing with such similar issues are so strongly and identically sanitized by the same company within a year of each other. Personally I hope that Atlus NEVER works with Nintendo ever again. Shit on a stick is more entertaining than this fossilized turd.

          Source: Japanese version of TMS #FE.

        • Boycotting a niche game isn’t going to make them reflect on their stance on censorship.
          The very fact that they did not bother having english dubs (God I would have hate to have a english dub only title alongside the censorship, it would have been a deal breaker) proves that they are not expecting to make big sales on this game and with a boycott they’ll sell even less than what they expected and will only deduce that this kind of game has no market in the West and won’t even bother releasing anymore of those here (censorship being the reason won’t even be considered by them). What needs to be boycotted are games they are expecting to sell a lot of when those are censored not some niche game they aren’t even counting on to sell well.
          Boycotting Fire Emblem FATES would have been a lot more efficient that boycotting this title ever will be and I wonder how many of the people saying they’ll boycott this game bought FE FATES despite it’s heavier censorship.
          On a side note I do speak a little Japanese and own the japanese release of this game and did boycott FE FATES but bought FE:if and will only buy Tokyo Mirage Session #FE in hope of seeing more niche game being ported in the West.

        • Anonymous says:

          > You’re just going to support the censorship huh ?

          I’m going to be honest here and admit that I’m buying this game.

          I’m tired of claiming to boycott some game, then make up some lame excuse about my imaginary girlfriend buying the game whenever I do.

        • Anonymous says:

          And why am I wasting time with trolls and idiots customers anyways?
          Didn’t the thing recently with Infinite shit open your eyes how bad a gaming company can fuck up betraying their fans?

        • Anonymous says:

          A good game ?
          ffs, I waited for 4 years my SMTxFE and they give me this idol shit so I have to go and watch Love Live and AKB48 just to be mentally prepared (Yes, I do the same for SRW series, I watch every single Robot anime there is) and now that I have come to sympathize with the Idol industry, they pulled this censor shit on me ?

          gameplay = good game ?
          sorry this game has a fucking outdated gameplay

          Story + Char = good game ?
          nope. Big NOPE. They fucked up the “localization”, just like they did with FE If (I won’t call it FE Fate because shame on Treehouse)

      • Anonymous says:

        This mentality is precisely why Nintendo gets away with this shit. Instead of handing the initiative to Nintendo so they can repeatedly fuck you and other consumers in the ass with greater force each subsequent time, why don’t you take the initiative and learn Japanese, even a little, so you aren’t entirely dependent on being spoonfed by a bunch of antiquated corporate quacks. Not to mention the braindead level of Japanese required to understand a game like this is hardly insurmountable.

        • Anonymous says:

          To 03:31 13/06/2016
          Sure, Nintendo of America censored everything under the sun on the NES, but they learned their lesson after Mortal Kombat on the SNES flopped HARD. They went to far as to re-write their guidelines as to why could be included in their games after they were made the laughing stock of the planet.

          From Mortal Kombat to the launch of the Wii, Nintendo allowed a LOT of things they now censor out the wazoo. Remember BMXXX on the Game Cube? It was the PS2 version that had the bare breasts censored, not the Nintendo version. Or Conker? Maybe the multiple games with gratuitous panty shots – including Nintendo-made games like Brawl?

          But as soon as Nintendo decided to market to the 10 & younger crowd (not to mention oblivious parents & retirees) in America with the Wii, all that progress went down the toilet. Sure, some freedom of artistic expression continued on the DS, but not the DS! No no no!

          “There’s no jiggling in the empire!” is Nintendo of America’s motto now!

        • Anonymous says:

          “It’s a lose lose situation though, don’t buy it and they will just see it as “the west doesn’t want niche Japanese games like this” do buy it and your apparently “supporting censorship”.
          Nintendo of America has been censoring games since the nes. So people refusing to buy this game to make a stand against censorship I just hope you know it is literally going to do nothing…

          Hey if you got a petition against censorship though, I’ll sign it in a heart beat.”

          Like these are the only two options. If somebody chooses not to buy the game because of censorship they can also write the company and let them know why they are not purchasing their product.
          They don’t get all their info just from sales figures.

        • Anonymous says:

          It’s a lose lose situation though, don’t buy it and they will just see it as “the west doesn’t want niche Japanese games like this” do buy it and your apparently “supporting censorship”.
          Nintendo of America has been censoring games since the nes. So people refusing to buy this game to make a stand against censorship I just hope you know it is literally going to do nothing…

          Hey if you got a petition against censorship though, I’ll sign it in a heart beat.

  • Anonymous says:

    Big deal if you don’t want to buy the game don’t buy it. Consumers not buying a game to boycott it just telling Nintendo that the western countries don’t like these type of games so we can scrap localization and they can bitch and whine about all they want cause unless they know Japanese, that is the only way they will get the original game’s features