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Taekwondo Dance Routine “Disgraces The Art!”




A dance routine incorporating the formidable Korean martial art of Taekwondo has been castigated for besmirching the reputation of the discipline, with the offended “masters” stating that the atrocity will end up reducing Taekwondo to that of a “night club art”.

The “offensive” dance, set to some classy K-pop:

Many have naturally pointed out however that the art (like most things) has previously been showcased to crowds on numerous occasion for entertainment, with the Korean army being a well-known example:

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  • Anonymous says:

    As someone who has practiced and been apart of several martial art systems for over 15 years, this rigid mentality needs to stop. Martial arts are a tool to better yourself. If someone wants to use it to better their dance skills, I don’t see the issue. Not everyone does it for the same reasons. Some use it for sport, some for fitness, some for self defense, some to learn to discipline the mind, and some don’t even have a goal in mind. They just do it. I say the more reason people have to try martial arts the better. What WILL kill the martial arts community is asshole instructors who think their application and reason for martial arts is all there is and adopt this Borg like mentality. It’s absolutely poison, and deters from people taking an interest.

  • Anonymous says:

    I have no problem that some taekwondo guys dancing with martial moves. At least they have some fun sometimes, they can’t be everytime serious.

    It’s like right now on YT, police officers around the world are dancing on Ghost Town My boo.

    • Anonymous says:

      They are wearing Taekwondo gear and doing Taekwondo moves therefore it is Taekwondo. Putting on the gear means you represent it and the Taekwondo club you are part of.

      If they didn’t have the gear, maybe people wouldn’t complain because they probably just look like a normal dance crew.

      It’s like when you wear your work uniform, that might have it’s logo or tag on it. If you do something wrong, argue, be rude, etc, you represent the company, not yourself so people will look at you and the company and think I will not shop their if there are people like him.

    • Actually in this case I’d even think of it like language. A language that doesn’t adapt with time is a dead language. I admit I do not have information on how martial arts grow with time with new moves or concepts, but I would consider that since these moves can be integrated into modern dance proves that it is adaptable and beautiful, a way of masking the deadliness of the art, which as far as I understand if part of the base concept behind Wu Shu and many of the martial art forms that follow a set pattern and constitute a ‘dance’ within the art itself.

      This doesn’t disrespect martial arts, but showcases the precision of their movements and you can easily see the dance and attack moves integrating and being similar yet they feel completely dichotomous to one another and yet that works to its benefit. Kind of like drawing a straight line next to a curved line in terms of contrast.

  • Anonymous says:

    Taekwondo is a very strenuous and artful martial art, however it isn’t really practical in a real fight. I can say from being in a fight with a college room mate, who was a black belt with national titles, that basic judo and submissions are far more effective. He had a bad temper and wouldn’t stay down, so I had to take him down and pummel ass bit a couple of times. I’ve never really seen Taekwondo as anything more than exhibition sport and being in a fight with someone competitively ranked pretty much solidified that for me.