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Chinese Lawyer Forcibly Stripped At Court


A lawyer in China has reportedly been mauled by police after his request to file a case was denied, causing him to leave with not only his body exposed but China’s mistreatment of lawyers as well.

While harassment and other forms of official ill-will are nothing new for Chinese lawyers, the unfortunate Wu Liangshu has had the misfortune of being subjected to a more extreme level of abuse as he was assaulted by three police offers while actually within the district court of Nanning in the Guangxi Province.

The disheveled lawyer was offered a new suit but refused and instead left the court room despite his tattered and unlawerly appearance, likely to make an example of the police officer’s actions and bring to light the injustices that those in his profession are forced to deal with.

A photo taken of Wu Liangshu as he vacated the courtroom:


The officers involved claimed that the victim was illegally recording court officials and refused to hand over his phone when confronted, which led them to use what a preliminary official investigation has described as “abusively coercive means”.


The whole event has unsurprisingly generated a wave of rage online, with the negative backlash apparently prompting authorities to censor various comments on Chinese site Weibo, leaving mostly only the negative comments directed toward the lawyer intact – perhaps stretching the credibility of the official account to breaking point.

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