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Help Desk Android: “How Long Until It Does Other Things!?”




Japan’s newest technological marvel has taken the form of “Junco Chihara”, a robot employed at the Aqua City shopping center in Tokyo tasked with helping visitors in a variety of ways, with sexual favors definitely not (yet) being one of them – though likely only a matter of time given some of the other advances Japan has pioneered.

Installed back in October, the well dressed android maiden (developed by Toshiba Corporation) can speak 3 different languages whilst providing inquirers with information on the center’s myriad of services.

Visitors can interact with Junco via a rather innovative touch panel that “floats in mid-air” and requires users to merely “touch” their desired option, although free-form spoken interaction is probably the expected ideal.

A video of Junco in action:

The awe-inspiring technology has made some ponder of the many other possibilities that such robots could offer, with sexual endeavors naturally being a hot topic…

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