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Corona Blossom Blooms onto Indiegogo




Esteemed visual novel developer Front Wing (responsible for the immensely naughty Grisaia series) has formed an Indiegogo campaign for their upcoming eroge “Corona Blossom“, bound to receive undying support from both fans of the developer and those who merely desire more ero-content.

In true Japanese fashion, the game revolves around a protagonist learning to fix and operate mechs, only for his world to be turned upside down by a sudden and strange event – a rather formulaic concept but one that will likely be boosted by the presence of mesmerizing sex scenes.

Corona Blossom’s OP:

The eroge’s cast of potential lovers:







The eroge currently sits at almost half of its $30,000 goal after only a couple days, with further good news revealing that the game will also possess both English and Japanese text set to Japanese voice-overs, allowing overseas fans (and harsh English-dub critics) to enjoy the game to the fullest extent.

Corona Blossom will make its way onto Steam on July 29th for only $10, with the highly coveted 18+ patch (which will insert sex scenes and nudity) also available at launch for $10 dollars more – those interested in funding the game can do so at the official Indiegogo page.

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