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Hypnodisia Highly Mesmerizing




Dieselmine have added to the ever growing pile of hypnotism-based eroge with “Hypnodisia“, allowing players another opportunity to live out their sick and twisted fantasies at the expense of vulnerable schoolgirls.

The plight of a desperate man serves as the focus of Hypnodisia, a man so desperate he can but drug all schoolgirls he can avail himself of in order to inflict his perfidious lust upon them.
















The fully-voiced hypnotic mayhem of Hypnodisia is available now.

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    • Anonymous says:

      This is why I keep telling people to use ero-anime or eroge instead of hentai this hentai that.

      I can’t stress how silly it sounds if I were to rephrase it this way – “is the sexiest part of any hypno pervert”. Yes, hentai literally means pervert or perverted depending on how you use it.

      I don’t care if anyone down vote this, I said my piece.

      • Anonymous says:

        Hentai is not a Japanese word. ๅค‰ๆ…‹ is a Japanese word. Hentai comes from “ๅค‰ๆ…‹”, just like mustard comes from “spicy young wine” (mustum ardens).

        So not only you’re a pedant, you’re an ignorant pedant. Words can change meaning once they cross the language barrier.

    • Anonymous says:

      You’d rather have people complains about weird hairs or eyes or whatever they could pick on? Take a good look at real life people for once instead of locking yourself in your momma’s basement, will ya?

      Although this is fiction but certain things are still tied to reality, there is only that many kind of hairstyles or attires we can find in this world because humans are mostly copycats in general, did you or your friends spot that dustbin bieber haircut at one time? I’d bet some of you did.

      Plus, how do you know who are the artist for the artwork, they can do other illustrations or jobs under different names or aliases.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yeah, they could be the original artist under an alias (albeit I’d be surprised if they were still permitted under contract or license to use their work personally in this fashion, especially in a commercial setting). That said, it’s a bit disingenuous to lay that possible claim when pointing out others’ theft is really for the benefit of the original artist.