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Parents Abandon Son in Mountains As Punishment




Police are currently searching for a lost 7-year-old boy who was abandoned by his parents in the mountains as punishment, arousing widespread outrage in Japan and beyond as a rather flagrant case of child-murder.

The child’s parents initially reported to police that their son had vanished whilst they were gathering vegetables at Hokkaido’s Mt. Komagatake, but later admitted that they left him at the mercy of the elements and the region’s wild bears as punishment for his transgressions.

The family had visited a park in the area before the incident occurred, with the parents growing steadily more furious over their son pelting nearby cars and people with stones – their inability to control him culminating in a rather extreme act of punishment, according to their accounts at least…

Accounts from the parents state that they made the boy get out of their car before driving about 500 meters away, supposedly returning minutes later to find that the poor boy had “gone missing.”

Despite 130 people being involved in a search utilizing hounds, horses even using helicopters, the boy was not located.

A news report showing the rescue team in action, who have sadly still yet to find the abandoned child:

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