Tough Street Girlfriend Unabashedly Rough




Another gruesome tale has been revealed by way of an eroge entitled “Tough Street Girlfriend” by Abalone Kiss, detailing the sacrifice made by the wimpy protagonist’s formidable girlfriend to save his life and possibly rousing emotions other than stimulation from readers (however unlikely this might be).

Tough Street Girlfriend is told initially from the protagonist’s point of view and then via the girlfriend, slowly exposing the truth as well as the number of grotesque ordeals the poor girl has been forced to suffer through for the sake of love.

















Tough Street Girlfriend comes fully-voiced and is available now.

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  • Anonymous says:

    Ok, sincere question for anyone that plays it. Does it have the generic end in wich she gets broken and completely submits for the rest of her life? Or does it have an actually half decent ending.

    I mean, I’m not asking for her to chop off their dicks and get back with her boyfriend; I’m just really tired of the same mind break ending to all NTR stories. Come on! Sow me something new! Or good for that matter!

    • Hmm… I’m not sure you could call it mindbreak, but by the end she kinda starts liking it but then the very last scene is a fastforward to the male protagonist who’s now very depressed and gets into a car accident, to wake up in a bed with her pregnant riding him, with nobody else around. So I’m not sure if at the end she got away from them or what.

      Personally I felt disappointed with the story. I don’t know if that’s me not liking nukige or if it was the game’s fault. For example the girl almost does nothing but moan while being raped, which I found kinda boring (also confusing– is she liking it or what? She only says “kimochi ii” at the end). The drawings are nice though (you can evaluate them for yourself from this article).

      • Anonymous says:

        Oh ok, seems half decent. At least better than the “Im sorry I can’t love you anymore, I’m too addicted to their cocks” which I’ve never liked. I’m kinda a vanilla guy but if the drawings or animation are good and the story is better than “girl and boy are together, girl gets raped, girl becomes mindbroken and guy depressed and lonely” I can enjoy it. And the worse the rapists end the better.

        But yes, with that prospect and the art style I may try it. That ending may be ambiguous enough for me to enjoy it. Thank for the answer!

  • Anonymous says:

    What kind of hideous genetic deformity could have caused their’s cranial brows to swell so large that they apparently consumed the eye sockets?

    Those poor, clearly disabled men. Obviously this girl is a saint and granting their only wish–“to one day experience love”.

    • Anonymous says:

      Looks like another random displeased users bitching about story or plot within a game that isn’t large in file size and created by various circle (group) but wants H-scenes right off the bat after beating the hell out of them? Talk about being cliche when the consumer’s side is very creative themselves, right? lel

      • Anonymous says:

        “I’m so psychologically warped warped from years of porn addiction that I can’t enjoy anything which doesn’t devolve into gangbang NTR, yet I feel I have a defensible position from which to mock others.”