Infinite Dunamis Infinitely Retro




The 3DS port of nostalgic turn-based RPG Infinite Dunamis will be arriving shortly in the west, bound to generate attention from the hardcore RPG enthusiasts who will have another game to grind away at for extended periods of time.

The trailer, lightly touching on the game’s apparently highly generic nature:

The adventure of Infinite Dunamis will begin sometime this year in the west for 3DS; the Android and iOS versions are available now.

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  • Anonymous says:

    INB4 SJW feminazis protest the site over the highlighting of the “silence crystal” in that “heroine customization” screenshot. They think that we men would like nothing more than to install “silence crystals” in every woman.

    Which is, of course, true. Or at the very least a volume control.

    • I thought it was RPG Maker, yeah. THen I saw the “3DS”.

      I didn’t know you could port a RPG Maker game to a 3DS.

      hey couldn’t have used assets from the maker to a different engine either, becasue I believe the ToU prohibits that?