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  • Eh, PS4? I can understand PC release because lots of retrogamers (I might even take a look at it) but PS4? Seriously, Grandia 2 15 years ago had similar graphics and a more intricate battle system. This is barely mobile game standards.

    • Or it could be a small step in the right direction by releasing a new game with the ATB battle system.

      As this was the battle system prevalent during the golden age of the Final Fantasy series and Crono Trigger (before all the action RPG rubbish came along in XII+), and it played a major part in the huge success that Square saw from several of their games in the 90’s. This is also the battle system that the vast majority of long-time FF/Square fans want to see used in new games.

      So if this game shows a willingness for Square Enix to listen to what their long-time fanbase want to see (or Square fans to be precise), and a willingness to stop desperately trying to cater to the Action RPG market, then it might mean Square Enix have not become a total waste of space, and I for one might start buying their games again after more than a decade (or at least those using ATB).

        • I am pretty sure that your response proves that you are retarded, try to cut down on the lead paint, drugs and/or alcohol.
          Please do listen to me as I am only concerned for you mental well-being.

        • Anonymous says:

          Agree with calahan, In ff12 u could basically setup gambits and auto control But i found i had to be a Perma healer to keep My party alive or Do major over levelling Plus 12 was meh, All the 13s were better than 12s system

        • FFXII uses the ADB system, and with this system the battle does not pause while the player is selecting commands (there is a Wait option that can be enabled if the player wishes). Square Enix made a conscious and deliberate decision to change their battle system to a more action orientated one, chiefly to try and appeal to a wider market audience.

          So because the battles do not pause for commands, the player’s reaction time becomes a factor, and battles are generally much faster and more action orientated as a result. So yes, FFXII is an Action RPG, or at least it is compared to the other FF games that came before it. Whether or not it matches the level of “Action” seen in other non-FF games is another matter. But this topic, and my comment, is about “I am Setsuna” and Square/Square Enix, and is a relevant comparison in that context.

          So no, I’m not a retard. Although thank you for your concern about my mental well-being.