Atelier Firis Announced


The next entry into the beloved never-ending Atelier series has been revealed as “Atelier Firis“, hopefully promising more of the cute heroines and riveting RPG action that fans of the franchise apparently cannot get enough of.

The game’s theme will be centered around the concept of travel, with the lovely Firis freely capable of performing synthesis by way of bonfires while exploring regions much more vast than previous titles in the series.

The news arrived by way of Dengeki Playstation magazine:


The game’s namesake heroine Firis:



According to an interview, the game is apparently already half-way through development – Atelier Firis is due this fall for the PS4 and Vita.

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  • Anonymous says:

    I mean, don’t get me wrong, the atelier games are fun, but wow. They’re churning these out like Assassins Creeds and Call of Duties now.

    I’d really prefer they slow down and put more effort in to each game to make it something really special.

  • Anonymous says:

    Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, ANOTHER Atelier game for the Vita and PS4…*sarcasm* Let’s just hope to God or Goddess that this new title is better than the last one. Not that I’m holding my breath and “hoping for a miracle”.

      • Anonymous says:

        I never played Atelier Sophie yet (don’t even plan on doing so either, due to Gust’s apparent obsession with Logy, who also appears in the Vita version of Atelier Shallie). I actually had got the PS3 Atelier Shallie game, thinking that it would be the last Atelier game for the PS3, as it took awhile to be released on the PS Vita, yet they pulled their Plus shit again later on and adding even more shit that the PS3 version never got. Boy, was I pissed and never played Atelier Shallie again. It wasn’t really that interesting to begin with, starting off in a really boring dry city and setting, which is pretty much the Dusk series anyways. Hell, I guess I could just ignore all the Plus titles and just play through it anyways, but, yeah, why should I have to buy it again, just because it has Plus in its title? Sure, fork over money to finally buy a PS Vita and fork over even more money to buy their Plus version of Atelier Shallie? It’s almost like I’m buying a so-called improvement over the original title and that the one I got was nothing more than an inferior fuckup test project. Not trying to bitch here, but this has happened to me before, when I got Atelier Meruru and Atelier Rorona and I stopped playing them as well. I did get Shin Atelier Rorona and it wasn’t too bad and both PS3/Vita version were alike in a way, although each version had a different set of costumes for Rorona to wear, not too bad, actually, but started to lose interest and stopped playing it. I understand that the PS3 is practically dead now and the move is going to the PS4 and PS Vita for the Atelier series, but back to the Shallie thing, they honestly should have just made it solely for the PS Vita, instead of putting it on the very dead PS3. I know that the Atelier series is still moving along and Gust really wants countless fans to enjoy more of their games (Atelier Iris/Ar Tonelico/Mana Khemia were very good and I enjoyed the utter hell out of them). I really think this new title actually looks good and maybe I actually would give this one a try when it releases, as every new Atelier adds somethin new over the lat title. I haven’t played since I gave up on Atelier Shallie. I never knew that there were even Pluses for theses titles to begin with, but then stupidly realized that the PlayStation Atelier Marie and Atelier Elie games both had Plus versions with more or improved content, so the Plus thing has been going around for a very long time. I honestly do not know if it’s that bad, as long as they let us know beforehand, before I buy their next title. I’m sure they will do the same with this one, but at least it will be on the same system and not entice me to buy another game console just to play it. Mind you, this was before I got a PS Vita, so yeah, you can understand why I was pretty pissed off and was very skeptical of buying one, but finally caved in and bought one and I really do like it. I jut wonder now that I do have a PS Vita, should I try out the Plus versions or should I just not even worry about them and just look to this new title instead, Plus or no Plus?