Raunchy Raincoat Sniffer “I Did It 30 Times!”


Chiba police have apprehended a raincoat pilfering pervert whose fetish for sniffing female rainwear led him to start a one-man crime wave.

The accused man was apparently perusing a beverage sales center when he happened upon raincoats meant for female staff members and took to the idea of stealing them – lifting articles worth a total of ¥25,000 from the store.

When taken into custody, he soon admitted to his wrongdoings and mentioned that even looking at a raincoat or “partaking of its pungent aroma” would cause him to become aroused, unsurprisingly enough.

Further interrogations revealed that the suspect had performed this thieving before on at least 30 different occasions, though it seems even with this level of profuse criminal activity he still has quite a way to go to match the accomplishments of other former collectors

A news report on the incident:


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