Fireman Sodomy Pressure: “Stick A Tube Up His ***!”


Police have arrested 3 Aichi firemen for forcefully sodomising a colleage with their hoses, in a bizarre and very literal case of peer pressure.

Three firemen aged between 26 and 38 held down their 20-year-old co-worker and proceeded to blow into a rubber first-aid tube that they lodged in his rectum, also sexually assaulting him again a week later for good measure.

When confronted by police, the accused admitted the charges but insisted that their misdeeds were “initially a joke that escalated”, with one claiming that he was obeying his superior “solely out of fear” – a seemingly common problem in rigid organizations the world over and in Japan’s in particular.

Their victim was not permanently injured, although it seems likely that he will be seeking psychiatric help at some point; he may at least be thankful that his workmates somehow resisted the temptation to use their big hoses on him.

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