Inupathy Collar “Will Read Your Dog’s Mind!”




Japanese technology has lead to the creation of the “Inupathy” collar, a device that supposedly reveals the complicated emotions of its canine wearer and will likely be a must-buy for those obsessed with their beloved pooch but of not of too questioning a mind.

The collar will alternate between a variety of colors depending on the dog’s mood, with red for excitement, blue for relaxed, white when “concentrating” and a rainbow light for happy:



A PV detailing Inupathy’s various features:

Inupathy apparently tracks the subject canine’s heart rate to ascertain its current state of mind, additionally keeping track of the dog’s tendencies while even recommending specific activities based on said statistics.

The Inupathy collar is available for pre-order by way of its Indiegogo page for a whopping $169, though the device will not be shipping out until December.

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