Dead Baby in Clothes Case: “It Wouldn’t Eat!”


Police have discovered an infant’s skeletal remains in its father’s clothing case, perhaps an inevitable fate considering he was the bearer of 10 children…

The 42-year-old unemployed Osaka man lived with his 30-year-old wife in an apartment along with their 9 children of varying ages, and police initially interrogated the man on suspicion of abuse of his 16-year-old daughter.

Little did they expect that an even darker crime would be uncovered, as the corpse of a baby was soon happened upon.

The deceased child’s mother claimed the baby refused to drink and died a few days after birth a year ago, naturally causing many much concern as to why the parents chose to not seek any professional help.

The mother claims she then wrapped the deceased child in a blanket and placed it in a clothing container, a burial apparently being too costly or inconvenient – although also too likely to draw attention.

A news report on the horrendous incident:

The man was arrested for beating his daughter (who suffered a broken nose), sadly not uncommon even in Japan, although charges of improperly disposing of a corpse if not murder seem likely to be be pending.

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