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  • Disapproving Eldar SJW says:

    So far this looks good. I like the grindhouse-grit atmosphere, savage basic brawling fighting styles, and really just essentially “street fighter” attitude. Good stuff, and screaming fangirls are freaking awesome too.

    The lightpole spin is kinda lame though. Looks stupidly out of place both in it’s cringingly static animation and technicolor afterimage effects.

    I’m also somewhat unimpressed by the chick in the black gi. She looks like a discount bin Yuri Sakazaki and she’s sounds (and looks) out of place for being such an obvious lightweight. The other woman with the lion-mane hair and the Bozuku Boss outfit is a good match by comparison. Whoever this other girl is is not a good fit.

    So yeah. Looking forward to some interesting play videos. Plus this would be potentially a good place for DoA DLC characters like Lei Fang, Jann Lee, Ein, Kokoro (ugh) and my waifu Rachel.

  • Anonymous says:

    Same guy who made Senran Kagura. Game got delayed by about 3 months due to low pre-order numbers. First PV was very good, but then the other videos and demos came out… which then pretty much killed my hype.

  • Anonymous says:

    This game looks fucking Retarded, like a wannabe Senran Kagura title. Just full of men who you probably wouldn’t even care to know or use in this shitty game. But they add stupid fanservice to it, to get people to buy it….nope.

  • Anonymous says:

    Lame. Fuck this game, I got both Senran Kagura titles for the Vita, that’s all I need, LMFAO. No sweaty ass males beating up other sweaty ass males and tearing their clothes off….ummmm…..nope. I wanna see bras, panties, and nudity from the shinobi, thanks. Have monies, will buys.

    • Anonymous says:

      And also to add to that, the game is out in Japan, all one would need to do to play this クソゲー is make a Japanese psn account (not that hard) and there ya go. Not that you would want to play this stupid ass shit. Bad move on Marvelous’ part. Bad move.