Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE “Censored After All!”


Upcoming idol RPG Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE has indeed become the latest Japanese title to suffer extremes of censorship, just as feared.

The game’s arrival to Pax East revealed the grim fate of all its “risque” content, with changes ranging from minor (such as mere age alterations) to drastic (forcing the game’s skimpier outfits to cover more sinful skin):




A former statement released by Nintendo regarding the game’s localization has indirectly offered the reasoning behind the censorship, though it constitutes little more than a generic blanket statement:

“Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE was localized by Atlus in a way that is consistent with the localization work they do on games they publish. It was a priority to ensure the game feels familiar and appeals to long-time Atlus fans. Any changes made to the in-game content were due to varying requirements and regulations in the many different territories Nintendo distributes its products.”

Videos explaining and depicting the heinous censorship:

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE (for those somehow still interested) will dance its way to the west on June 24th for the Wii U.

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  • Anonymous says:

    Rift…..just crawl in a hole & die. There is nothing wrong with HARMLESS cosmetic censorship, it doesn’t effect the gameplay, it doesn’t effect the story, so your unprofessional outburst is completely uncalled for. Grow up & get over it. This game is,what it is, the sooner you accept that & end your pointless baby drama the happier your useless little life will be.

    • Anonymous says:

      May you be the cancer that is killing video games, yes you are no matter how much you want to deny it you are cancer to allow censorship. Fuck off from our videogames as a whole, cuck

    • Anonymous says:

      Kill yourself you censorship apologist, you go crawl in a hole and die, gaming doesn’t need you if you aren’t willing to defend it from censorship on all sides of the board, you stupid cuck

  • I don’t even fucking care about that game, but just the fact that game devs keep folding like fat cunts for NO rational reason is pissing me off, and it just keep getting worse and worse, so yeah fuck you devs, the whole blame is on you, not those SJW that should just be ignored, they will never buy your game or whatever else..

  • I refuse to buy censored shit! So that is one sale lost. If gamers would wisen up and just say fuck you and your censoring we won’t buy it.. The game companies would learn there damn lesson!

    But too many gamers are so afraid to miss out so they let these bastard companies keep doing this shit and providing us shit because of it! Gamers need to unit and boycott censoring to make it hurt the companies where it counts there pocket books than they will stop listening to the ones NOT BUYING there game in the first place!

  • I’ve never programmed a game, but it is really that difficult to hide a “bug” that enables you to play the game without censorship? Something really imposible to find like -after clearing the game, on the title screen press A B Y one hundred of times- and then “oh look, outfits changed and there are some mixed japanese text (that you already readed)”.

    • It’s really easy, but even so the flame is the same. I remember old GTAs getting flamed by features that were removed from the gameplay but present in the code. Some people restored it and… You can google the rest of the story.

  • And people will still buy this AND defend the censorship. Pft. This is how companies get away with it. They pull some bullshit off which pisses 90% of the fanbase off, people complain, but after about a few weeks they hit the limit of their attention span and no longer care. Then CensoredCrap – The game 2.0 gets released and everyone who hated the alterations in the first game flock to buy the second game just to repeat the cycle of complaining for all of 5 seconds ,just saying whatever and dumping all their money on sequels.

    When you make a game and try to market it to as large an audience as possible it becomes watered down garbage but makes more money. Target a niche audience it becomes a much better story but risks not being as profitable.

  • I think this has less to do with SJW than Nintendo of America. For some ridiculous reason they seem deathly afraid of publishing any PG+ content. You wouldn’t be seeing this if the game were on the PS4 or Vita.

  • You know? Sometimes I wish Nintendo had the balls to do what Blizzard did to the SJWs. Remember how the SJWs and Feminists got all up in arms about that tracer character’s pose? Blizzard trolled them all with an even sexier pose.

    But, this is Nintendo we’re talking about. As long as there are butthurt crybabies here in the states, games will continue to get censored…

    • But it wasn’t the SJWs who did that. It was just some dad whining about the pose because his daughter looked up to Tracer or something and thought it was too sexual for her. Still, doesn’t change the fact that your right. Nintendo should just grab a pair and fuck censorship right up its ass by replacing the censored parts with something equally as risque, but not so much as to be considered “sexually disgusting” or whatever SJWs like to complain with.

      • So you are alright with kids seeing uncensored games is what I understood from reading your comment. Come on, surely there must be game company that cater to younger audiences around and not just lump every gamers into the same age group which in my honest opinion, is very selfish of people like you who only thinks for themselves.

        And what kind of genres are Blizzard specialized in, to think that someone would compare Nintendo with the former, holy shit!

        • If I’m not fine with kids getting games that are not appropiate for their ages I simply don’t buy them for the little critters.
          Would you censor violence in CoD because a lot of kids play it? Stop it with the double standards. I’m an adult and I have the same right to enjoy games that are appropiate for me, modifying games to cater to other audiences is a legit market move but it will never be a legit creative move.

  • Don’t cave in to SJWankers and feminists. Stand your ground and mock them. Make fun of them. Laugh at them. Reject all of their lies and idiocy. They have no truths, they have no facts, they have no power. Be proud and stand up to them, whenever wherever.

  • NoA really dropped the ball on this one, and really did not seem to understand who the target audience of this game would have been. I was actually interested in this one as well, even though I had heard it flopped in Japan, but I will be passing on this one just like I passed on Fire Emblem Fates.

    • The funny thing is their “make it more appealing to long term Atlus fans” comment. Which Atlus fans are these? Persona series is part dating sim with costume unlocks including swimsuits. Etrian Oddysse has dancers in skimpy dance outfits. Catherine is about a guy waivering in his relationship after sleeping with a succubus. It is like NoA has never played an Atlus game.

  • I fully expected this shot to happen. It fucking bullshit, but such is life in the land of the free and brave: where showing a nipple or talking about non- straight sexual orientation are more horrifying that showing extreme violence and harsh language on tv.

  • This is so confusing. I am not sure why they bothered to bring this game over, unless NoA was forced to do it. I mean this level of censorship usually puts off the people who would have been happy to keep the Japanese dub. Whereas the people who would tolerate these changes would have more than likely been happy with an English only dub. I guess this game was just completely abandoned and NoA is just trying to minimize the total loss incurred from this project.

    They better put out an announcement on that dlc not coming over or there will be hell to pay.

  • Great. As if enough of my life wasn’t already going to shit, this fucking happens! Nintendo of America, and America as a whole, PULL THE GODDAMN STICKS OUT OF YOUR FUCKING ASSES ALREADY!! Either that or just fucking die and leave us reasonable people in peace. Please.

    • As long as you aren’t from Canada, New Zealand, Australia, or Scandinavia you might have a point. However, this likely has less to do with USA and SJW and more to do with those countries/regions making it illegal to sell or own objectionable material.

      • Then how come this mostly happens to Nintendo games? I get censoring things like sexualized depictions of child-like characters, but we’re not talking about lolis here.

        This is entirely on NoA. Most changes made on their games are either inconsistent or unnecessary, sometimes both. They keep acting like the 4Kids of gaming, using shallow excuses like cultural differences and ratings while series like Senran Kagura and Atelier/Ar somehow manage to get away with it.

        • So they bumped Tsubasa up from 17 to 18, fine. I hate the change but its a compromise. Problem here is that they still removed most of the cleavage/panty shots. What’s the damn point of doing that and making the characters “legal”? The second action should make the ecchi content safe from asshole political attacks.

        • I am not quite sure I understand your counterpoint. The original post was that the USA is influencing NoA to censor their games for the SJW community when the reality is that they are choosing to censor material for a variety of reasons. Lowering the ESRB and PEGI ratings, since the script and game will probably be the base line for an EU edition are things to take into consideration especially since NZ and SE have banned games that contained characters that were too desirable for their age(not in a sexual situation just in general).

  • Oh BOO MOTHER FUCKING HOO, shut up & quit your bitching rift!! It’s idiotic anarchists like you Rift that complain over barely noticeable changes that cause people to censor crap in the first place. I’m glad it got censored, if just to show how much of a baby you are!!

    • fuck you, seriously. fuck all of you holier than thou smug fucks who think you’re better just because you believe wanking off to polygons is wrong.

      nintendo is not doing this for the benefit of otaku, the target audience of this game who are known for hating censorship, me included.

      Perhaps if we all received a wii u/3ds and xenobladeX/fatal5/geneiroku/FE if/bravely2nd for free I wouldn’t complain as much about receiving a censored product…but we have to purchase these butchered items. As minor as you may see these edits we do not and that can affect ones decision to buy.

      I will do as said above..I will buy this game…used, and the jp version genei ibun roku #fe for it contains the appealing elements (fanservice, I’m not on the hunt for rpgs when I have a backlog of them) unchanged (except Kiria’s zipper pantsu and that’s bullshit they changed it in the jp version)

  • Why are you bitching about sjws?

    Nintendo has ALWAYS censored their products.

    Segas mortal kombat used uncensored blood for advertising.

    You’re just looking for an excuse to stoke the ant sjw rage machine for clicks.

    • The regressive left sjw movement that is censoring stuff today ‘because feelings,’ has become the new religious right of yesterday that censored stuff, ‘because morales.’ Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it!

    • This is Sankaku, what did you expect?

      I remember a time where censorship in Nintendo games was much much worse. Yes they still censor now but if anything they censor less nowadays than they did 10 and 20 years ago. You don’t have to like it but it’s par for the course and it’s not getting worse. Actually quite the contrary.

      But trying to reason that here is like talking to a wall.

  • The collective crying of all the horny fanboys sustains me.

    I was interested in this game before I even knew how sexy it was. Censoring it for western release does not remove my interest.

    (for those somehow still interested)

    TONS are still interested, because we care about more than just seeing girls in their underwear. The censorship is a bit of a bummer, but it’s nowhere near enough to actually somehow remove interest in this game.

    • Your post is absolutely right. It is hilarious as to how many little horny 14 year old’s whine and cry about this problem, the game is going to be great regardless of the censorship. Why buy a game just to jack over it? Ain’t games supposed to be about gameplay + fun factor? Not how naked/slutty the females can be. If you want to see half-naked/naked women just use the internet or get a girlfriend.