Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization Levels Up




An extended trailer for Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization has arrived, introducing Strea and Philia from previous games while also showcasing more of its staple MMO-inspired combat – an aspect that will surely generate a great deal of interest even if solely for the SAO name value attached.

The now extended trailer:

Players can “log into” Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization on October 27th for the PS4 and Vita, with a western release slated for the fall.

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        • @04:52 I wonder what is the problem with this generation that keeps comparing everything to previous works whether it is game, TV shows or movies etc. I can’t “flock” to something I like based on it’s title? So, what is the criteria for wanting to play or watch something that one desire then?

          The game isn’t even released and here we get your biased “but it’s absolute shit” remark as if you have the right to decide what’s good and what’s not for everyone, how do you know everyone adore Dark souls like you do, what if I don’t even play that game? Try harder next time, smartazz.

  • This game has been out in japan for ages, If you are curious about it just look up one of the many english translated full playtroughs that are on youtube.

    This game is just SAO fanservice material
    The game is grindy and the combat is dull but it does give you more fully voiced often comedic or suggestive in nature scenes with youre faforite SAO characters

  • Do you mob mentality monkeys jerk off to your own hate comments or something? And for those of you whose monitors still aren’t covered in Westboro Baptist style splooge, might seriously want to look forward to this game … if done right it could end up playing really well, Hollow Fragment had a pretty fragmented (hah) game but this looks like it could approach what the full game could have been. Unlikely in truth, but always a chance.

    • People here are always goddamn elitists ready to bash something sometimes from its name alone, anyway.

      Since SAO is “for casus” and since it’s SAO, it’s already a lost cause to begin with. And it seems that it’s impossible to like something for what it is.

      Apparently, the judgement system for them is broken and the only opinions available are “complete shit” and “perfect”. You’d wonder why these people are still on sankaku/in the anime/vg fandom because we didn’t have any “true perfect” since a very long time ago and only a lot of “averages”, but, well.

      In any case, I’m looking forward to it.
      And I found the battle system very good for what it is SUPPOSED to be. An offline mmorpg sim. In this regard it is better than the one of a lot of mmorpgs I tried. Or course if you go into a game trying to simulate a mmorpg expecting Dark Souls 4.0 the result will not be pretty. The battle system (which is pretty ok mmo-wise) isn’t the problem, what you wanted it to be is.

    • Blazenwhiper says:

      See, heres the thing you aren’t getting, From the TRAILERS Alone, The only thing its got going for it are its visuals, voice actors and music.
      The combat is rigid, The enemies just stand there and let you beat on them, with barely any form of retaliation.

      These are no long development trailers where we only get to see the structure of the game. And with what they are showing? It looks pretty weak.

      SAO is basically known for have great art/music So its expected for this game to have those, but from the other Sao games, combat is not where it shines.

      Also, try tone it down a little, Just cause you see people disliking a game you are looking forward to doesn’t mean the (in your words) hate comments have no merit.

      • @Blazenwhiper why else is it called TRAILER if not to showcase fragments of content, just as you’ve pointed out, the visual, voices and music is good. And I believe most gamers of this genre only wants to see their favorite characters in actions or gain some in-game achievements rather than killing some hardass bosses.

        The release date is still pretty far off, some changes may still be added as finishing touches for all we know.

        Try to tone it down a little? Why not try to convey that to haters who only write craps instead of constructive criticisms? If I’m just randomly discrediting your comment for no apparent reason, does my comment still have any merit?

        • Blazenwhiper says:

          Then thats completely fine if they DO makes changes and improve the battle systems.
          However, from trailers from previous works of this Sao franchise, the trailers and the actual battle system barely change at all.