Pokken Tournament “9/10”




A new video has emerged from Nintendo highlighting the multitude of positive reviews bought for their recently released Pokken Tournament for the Wii U, an event that many Pokemon fans have been pleased to hear considering previous reports about the game bombing in arcades

Nintendo’s “shameless bragging” about the unrivaled success of its marketing budget:

Pokkén Tournament and all its fast-paced Poke-battles are available now for the Wii U.

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  • The game didn’t bomb in japanese arcades. It was removed due to customers being able to play the game longer per entry then other games. Which made the game not a profitable arcade game.

  • Ugh, I hate when they do this shameless bragging… And some of those scores/reviews are a little too exaggerated.

    OK, the game is not that bad, but it could have been MUCH better, starting by having more than 20 playable characters. They had OVER 700 TO PICK FROM.

      • Most review sites using a 10 or 100 point scale simply match that to the percentage scale used in schools in many parts of the world. Under such a scale, grades of around 90+ are considered excellent, 80+ good, 70+ mediocre, 60+ poor, and anything below that is considered a failure. A site giving a game a 5/10 considers it a failure, while a 7.5/10 is mediocre. Some sites will use a 5 point scale, but that’s pretty much just the same as the 10 or 100 point scale with the largely unneeded bottom half cut off, where 5 is excellent, 4 is good, 3 is mediocre, 2 is poor and 1 is a failure. “Inflation” of scores has nothing to do with it.

        • Depends who is rating. 7/10 games are usually hit or miss on a subjective level. For one person a 7/10 is pretty good, the next guy might think it’s crap. 6 is mediocre for everyone. Anything below that is starting to be unenjoyable for everyone. Below 5 is just “stay away from this crap” level.

        • @19:18 while anime is technically “cartoon” but it is widely known as animation which a pity is a word that isn’t common in the west before anime became popular globally. Back in the days, no one refer to cartoons as animations.

          By silly, it could mean a variety of things from lack of substance to the plot, the former which holds true for most western cartoons. And isn’t it ironic that you were trying to insult anime by using “silly Japanese cartoons” on a site such as this? If you dislike things associated with anime, then kindly stay away from any related sites and do yourself a favor.

          Look here, mate. Most haters of Pokemon related stuffs either has watched the show but outgrew it and then starts criticizing it like they didn’t want the world to know they grew up watching Pokemon or had played it’s game or simply have nothing better to do than to randomly post shits to piss real fans off.