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    • More and more censored? Were you around during the NES and SNES days? Nintendo censoring shit outside of Japan is as old as videogames themselves, dude. If anything they censor less now than before. In the 90s you couldn’t even make a passing mention of an alcoholic drink without it being changed to “soup” like in Chrono Trigger or Bars changed to Cafes like in FFVI.

      NoA censoring isn’t anything new.

      • If you have to go as far back as the NES and SNES days to find censorship that is worse than we are getting now then you have already lost the argument. Nintendo is having a resurgence in censorship which is something that we had hoped had become something that stayed in the past.

        • and anon 09:44 may be right. What’s the point of raising the ages of the characters if we still can’t see Tsubasa’s cleavage? Why the hell are bikinis too sexual when kids can see that as early as elementary school.

        • considering what sankaku is about I’m certain they are. Improvement over censorship since the nes days doesn’t make what we’re dealing with now acceptable. At least we should be receiving options to toggle on/off ecchi elements but no, nintendo rather waste money editing games that already don’t appeal to a mainstream audience.

        • These kinds of games weren’t even being released in the N64, GC or Wii days. You’re fighting a boogeyman. Nintendo has never before been this open but they still try to maintain a family friendly image. We didn’t even hear Fatal Frame on Wii but we did on WiiU sans a couple of racy optional costumes. But you keep fighting. I’m sure all of Sankaku’s behind you.