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  • Without thinking, I agree to let her sit through my “medical examination” and begin to stroke my five-inch penis. We stop conversing, Nanamin attentively watches me as I pleasure myself, I can’t help but stare at her beautiful face, her innocence being exposed by her big eyes that are trying to hold back tears and her cheeks that show signs of blushing, this only fuels my lust. As the scene plays out, I decide to push my luck by asking her if she wants to touch my five-inch penis that has already developed red glands and a throbbing shaft due to all of the excitement.

  • Nanamin does not respond to my offer and there is only silence in the room, I’ve paused from stroking my cock in fear that I’ve gone too far with my immature game. After what I believed to be far too many minutes, she quietly agrees to touch it, I could’ve of asked her to say her answer more loudly and clearly, but I didn’t want her to regret her decesion and for her to walk out the room, thus leaving me with red, white and blue balls, no, I instead lead her fragile hands to my dick. Bliss overwhelms me, striving idol and seiyuu Yamashita Nanami is becoming a women, and I, an American, have the honor to lead her on this experience.

  • Wow! Writing here really helps me with my disease, I’ll definitely continue to post to dominate my fantasies and urges. Well, time to sleep and conclude tonight’s fantasy in my dreams. I’m sure I’ll have some laundry to do in the morning, well probably noon since it’s already 3:23am here at Cal. It’s definitely worth it for my Nanamin! One quick skimming through Nanamin’s photo book should help me have a much more detailed and realistic dream of the hot sex I’m going to be having with her. Good night everyone!