KanColle Copycat “Victory Belles” Emerges




Newly arrived Kickstarter title “Victory Belles” has quickly come under fire due to its obvious lift of the highly similar ship-girl browser game Kantai Collection, an event that has many bewildered as to how the developers thought they could get away with it unnoticed – especially with KanColle’s absurd popularity and the rather blatant effort…

The upcoming Web/iOS title boasts anthropomorphized ship-girls that players can use in naval skirmishes, the same main feature of Kantai Collection that the rather cocky Black Chicken Studios have not even bothered to alter in the slightest.

The Kickstarter pitch video for Victory Belles, replete with an English voice-cast to add further fuel to the flames:

More samples of the game’s “questionable” voice-work:

Victory Belles has managed to amass over $5,000 in Kickstarter pledges in a mere two days, suggesting its copycat fleet may yet pose a threat to the mighty KanColle.

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