Greek Woman “Born Without A Vagina!”


A misfortunate woman born without a womb, cervix and vagina has unveiled her traumatizing tale, providing some unfortunate details to plight of real-world hermaphrodites and intersexed individuals.


The 27-year-old Athens woman was born with “Rokitansky syndrome“, a condition said to afflict 1 in 5000 women, where the womb, cervix and upper vagina are either undeveloped or absent in entirety, but ovaries and external genitalia are retained.

The young woman first learned of her affliction during a visit to a doctor at the age of 14 due to the fact that she had yet to start menstruating, but soon she also learned that she would never experience a period or for that matter child birth at all.

She underwent surgery at age 17 with the goal of constructing a vaginal tunnel so that she could at least copulate with a partner – the surgery was deemed a success, but the troubled woman later had to have another operation due to her new vagina being “too small and narrow”.

The afflicted woman had also suffered through rough relationships because of the condition, with her marriage at age 21 unfortunately being called off after she exposed the truth to her upset partner.

She recalls that she was also often verbally abused by partners due to her condition and suffered anxiety and depression as she considered herself “worthless” in comparison to women with fully functioning anatomy.

She has since recovered from her turmoil and has been in a sturdy relationship with a partner accepting of the fact that she cannot have children, which at least ensures that her story may yet have a happy ending.

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