IdolMaster Nets Korean Live Action TV Drama


A Korean-produced live action TV drama has been announced for idol-raising and makura-biz sim IdolMaster, and looks sure to find itself at the center of much controversy both for besmirching 2D with 3D and for not being Japanese produced…

The news was delivered by none other than Bandai Namco Entertainment and has been tentatively titled “The Idolmaster.KR” for the TV drama’s Korean origins, immediately spawning inquiries as to why the otherwise very Japanese franchise is not getting a domestically produced show.

The drama’s story will apparently revolve around a Korean-based talent agency and its 15 upcoming idols, who are apparently original characters – again causing many to question the point of adapting the franchise’s flimsy premise without the characters that fulfill it.

Auditions will be held sometime in the middle of May for the 15, with online voting serving as the final say in determining who will “ascend to Korean stardom”.

Idolmaster.KR has yet to receive an air date – a state that fans many will doubtless be wishing will never change.

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