Phantasy Star Online 2 Phantastic: “What About the West!?”




A new trailer depicting a slew of upgrades slated to arrive for popular MMORPG Phantasy Star Online 2 (along with the game’s PS4 launch) has been released, no doubt forming anticipation amongst its player-base but still likely leaving western fans enraged at Sega’s refusal to bring the game westward.

The new trailer:

A previous trailer showcasing the anime’s characters being added into the MMO:

The new content will be unleashed April 20th, along with the game’s PS4 launch.

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  • So, instead of dealing with obvious complaints about “sexualization” from the West, they just totally avoided the issue by not porting it outside Japan altogether, huh..? I mean, both censoring a game due to such complaints AND avoiding the issue are both coward ways to go about it… but maybe I am just looking too hard into it and they just do not find it profitable.

    That armorkini would obviously trigger SJWs, though.

  • For all the guys who keep yelling at SEGA for not porting PSO2 outside of Japan (Excluding the SEA version), could you please stop this and realize what’ll happen if they do so? If PSO2 comes to Europe and the USA, all the people who are playing now will be blocked: that means, if you have already a character, you won’t be able to get “it” anymore like those of the SEA version; your IP will be blocked and unless if you use a VPN (which is not that good…), you won’t be able to deal with it. Plus, all the friends you made in game will also disappear, since in PSO, everybody can be friend with anybody (I’m french and I’m friend with some gentle japanese people and american guys, so, all the people talking about racism and all this crazy stuff, could you please shut your mouth? Not being rude of course! But you are the people who use these word you do not understand to say aberrant things! You’re the ones who bring trouble!). And a localized version of PSO2 means NOT SO MANY COLLABORATIONS! In fact, even less that what is in PSO at this time since a lot of their collaborations are with exclusive japanese games which do not sell very well outside of Japan. Also, for those who do not think with their mind, but with something else… Can you even imagine what this game might provoke with “feminists” (Not the real ones I respect, but these troublemakers who keep destroying the society and women themselves, since they DO NOT represent everybody, and a small part to be honest, who creates all but conflicts…)? What will they do if PSO2 has the bad idea to spread this way? You know, these people who made a BIG BUZZ with DOA… Let PSO2 be played in japan (You can play it outside of Japan and people who do not understand japanese can even use a EN patch if they want! SEGA are not idiots, they let us play because they WANT it! When you’re a programer, you know when someone is replacing the translation patches and where these people are playing from…They see our messages, they do APPRECIATE us, so guys, “Make love, not Warcraft!” M’kay?) Cheers!

  • You know why Sega doesn’t release this game here in the west? Because they don’t care as long as we’re mindlessly buying every shitty Sonic game they release over here. This is the exact reason Sega is on my no-buy list now.

    I refuse to support a shitty company like Sega when they don’t care about their fanbases here in the west. I stopped caring about Sonic games after Sonic 06. Plus there’s like what? THREE Sonic games launching here THIS year alone?!

    Sega said they were going to take it slow with Sonic starting this year, but does that look slow to you? Not to me! I’m just done with Sega. Until they start bringing Phantasy Star and other series over here again, I’m done with them.

    I was really looking forward to PSO2 when I heard about it, and then it ended up being a Japan exclusive. And just to add insult to injury, they ban any western IP trying to play the game. Go to hell Sega. You’ll be going out of business soon enough…

    • They don’t “ban any western IP trying to play the game”.

      Anyway, you are not missing much. PSO2 starts out pretty good, and then you’ll realize it has problems everywhere and a serious lack of true content. We’re lucky if they release something fun to do more than once in a whole fucking year.

      For a short while, it got better, but the past year has been particularly terrible. Extreme dripfeeding, recycling, grinding, farming. SEGA recently decided to add more annoying microtransaction systems. It feels like things are only going to get worse.

    • Quit whining and go play the JP version…or don’t bother anyway.

      A lot of western people have given up on it.

      I haven’t heard of people getting banned in the west by playing the game…wtf are you talking about.

    • Fuck Sonic Boom.
      They really ran Sonic into the ground. Just when we thought it couldn’t get worse, it got much worse. They’re doing the same shit to PSO2.

      Did you enjoy the immersive futuristic setting? Well, that’s fucking gone. Unlike previous Phantasy Star games, PSO2 has no soul of its own. It’s an ultra mish-mash of everything else you can imagine. This is in no way exaggeration.

      I don’t understand what the fuck Sega is thinking. It’s like they have no taste.

      • I dunno about that theory… people hate Sonic Boom even more and they probably sold worse than those games would of as well.

        I mean I wouldn’t expect Valkyria or PSO2 to sell trillions of copies or anything but all the Sonic Boom games have bombed, hard.

        Also even if Valkyria or PSO2 had a metric shit ton of haters they would both still gain a fanbase (hell even Phantasy Star Universe had a loyal fanbase under its haters). Sonic Boom can’t even manage that.

        Seriously I’ve never heard anyone say anything positive about it (well other than the cartoon which is apparently pretty good). Even Sonic the Hedgehog 2008 and Shadow the Hedgehog get alittle love from time to time (mostly the music).

        So I dunno about this haters keeping them from coming out over here thing, mostly because the game we do get seems to be literally reviled but they keep trying to push it down our throat.

  • PSO2 is not doing well in any of its licensed versions outside of Japan. They barely have any players.

    If they ported it to the West, it’d be outdated as fuck and they wouldn’t be able to port all the collaboration content, and there is a LOT of that.

    • If they ported it to the West it would be highly successful. It’s not demanding on your system which would make it accessible for more players. Also, most MMORPGS are hardly showcases in graphics.

      • Lots of developers nowadays just make pretty games with shitty gameplay. Black Desert received a lot of attention for its graphics, but from all the feedback I’ve read, it sounds like they had zero experience with game design and have had to heavily overhaul the gameplay.

        I’ve met a lot of players who say that they won’t touch anything that doesn’t have pretty graphics. I personally don’t care that much if the game itself is good.

        The problem is PSO2’s gameplay isn’t that great. It’s largely designed to confuse people and get them to spend money to make their mistakes. There are only a few “correct” ways of doing any single thing, which severely limits gameplay depth.

        They don’t seem to want players to experiment. If you want to mess around with skills (which won’t have much point because almost everyone uses roughly the same builds), you either have to pay real money or wait until they rebalance and give you a free pass.

        You’ll also need to pay real money for more Mags if you want to play other types of classes on a single character. They’re adding even more dripfeeding systems that require real money to reset timers.

        Content-wise, PSO2 relies extremely heavily on “Emergency Quests”. These used to be entirely random, but they’ve recently been mostly scheduled. I guarantee that most of your PSO2 time would be spent waiting for Emergency Quests, just like everyone else.

        There are a few other things you can do while waiting (Advance Quest, Extreme Quest, Challenge Quest), but they’re mostly boring/outdated/pointless, and almost nobody does them. You can always solo, but that makes things even more tedious.

        That’s the best aspect of PSO2 – you can solo almost everything. It’ll just take forever on higher difficulties where enemies have more HP.

      • It would NOT be highly successful. Didn’t you listen?
        There is very little content in terms of gameplay. A ton of maps are all the same, random, recycled crap you’ve been through several times before. People just farm their dailies for tokens, money, and maybe a drop, but that’s it.

        Even in JP, this game is considered a dressup game with action elements. I know that because I play on JP servers. People do nothing but stand around and talk about how bored they are.

        The graphics are outdated, everything in this game requires quite a cash, and quite a lot of it. Enjoy paying 15-20 dollars just to double your inventory slots (they removed the bundle, so I don’t know how much it is now).

        The grinding is atrocious, SJWs don’t like little girls with rocket tits, and less and less people are interested in playing it as time goes by. Some play SEA (why would you, you disgusting pig. have you no shame?) and some are playing on JP just fine.

        Anyone that’s wanted to play it has done so already.
        Factor in all the expensive licensed content that’s definitely going to be missing in a potential Us release and you’ve got yourself a mess.

        Not releasing it over here is arguably the smartest decision SEGA has made in recent times.
        This game is not suited for the Western market.

      • I don’t know about you, but the demographic for players these days are pretty damn fucking demanding.
        Yeah sure, people still enjoy WoW, but NEW players would jump on the Black Desert wagon. Which by the way, looks gorgeous.

        New players MMO players doens’t seem to care much for gameplay. They just want to doll up, as far as i have noticed.

        Though, PSO2 doens’t look bad, by the standards of anime MMOs, so. This would perhaps have a chance. But if it’s true that the japanese playerbas is low, well. We’ll never see it overseas.

        • But wouldn’t you agree that not everyone out there has a gamer level PC? Some people may be playing on a laptop or an older system. That’s where a game like PSO2 becomes more accessable as you can play it fairly well and not have a gamer level computer lol.

  • As a hl player on PSO2 Online ( lv 63 ), i can say that the game is still alive and FREE TO PLAY. Idc if they don’t bring it to the west, the game stay fun even in jp ( and u can dl a eng patch ).

  • I wonder why people still waiting for this?
    when there a good quality English patch out there…

    if it did come… it will be 3-4 year behind in patch and People will stuck at introduction chapter and got bore really fast….
    unless they pull a half month per patch update….

        • Yes. But there are also situations where enemies do not appear when they should, or teleport repeatedly.

          There are two major sources of lag in PSO2.

          One is the server sucking, which gets worse when lots of people are entering the block during events, or if the server has shitty hardware.

          The other is area host lag. That’s the person who enters an area first. If they have a shitty connection, everyone else will be affected. They’ll experience laggy spawns, etc.

      • The server lags even if you’re a Japanese person playing in Japan.

        IP bans are mostly for SEA and China regions only.

        Last I heard, the English Patch is mostly complete outside of story, which sucks anyway. The story in the latest episode especially sucks.

        • You ever heard of “shitty hardware” and “shitty network code”? Apparently not. There is such a thing as SERVER LAG.

          I play with a ton of Japanese friends and they’re always complaining about the server lagging. SEGA has even addressed the server lag several times on their damn news page.

          Lately, it has gotten WORSE. The game keeps randomly hanging for 10 seconds. I’ve talked about it with others both in Japan and outside of Japan, and they’re experiencing the same thing.

    • it be best not to since I don’t want them to censor it or sjws altering the game in any other form, whether its dialog/story or any type of content in the game to get censored whether by them or not.

    • That’s probably true. The tolerance for grinding is a lot lower than it used to be. Most likely because the core base of MMORPG players have gotten older and have less time. Thus they want to be able to get the most out of something in the less time they have to play game with. Also SJWs and boob sliders.

    • Do people grind that hard on consoles?

      Your standard MMO is always on PC, but having a PS4 port makes it looks better.(except for the PS+ sub).

      Can’t we just have a STEAM ver. of PSO2?

      • Screw the ps3.5, people won’t flock to it because it’s on ps consoles only, & after the Bayonetta 2 hate Nintendo got from Psycho SOny Cronies people have come to detest SOny & their installbase. Make this game for NX, Xbox1 & ps4 THEN people might give a rats flying ass about it. People just hate all the drama Psycho SOny Cronies dish out & don’t want to be involved in anything playstation these days.

    • Why would you even want this game? It is outdated, expensive and has terrible gameplay. In fact, it was all of that the day it got released. This is just a BAD game. And Sega knows, that’s why they won’t release it in the west.

      • Someone bring over salty
        Everyone has their own preference
        or you can just said it a bad game because you will never be able play it in the first place lol

        Also if it did come to the west it will be too outdate with 3 year behind in content and story
        so good luck with that

  • I once built a brick-bot and made him a Ranger in this game.

    He floats like a butterfly, slides on the dirt like he was on ice and his guns fire like BBs.

    I uninstalled the game due to failing at suspension of disbelief.

  • Because it’s on ps consoles only, & after the Bayonetta 2 hate Nintendo got from Psycho SOny Cronies people have come to detest SOny & their installbase. Make this game for NX, Xbox1 & ps4 THEN people might give a rats flying ass about it. People just hate all the drama Psycho SOny Cronies dish out & don’t want to be involved in anything playstation these days.

    • It’s on Sony only because it’s mostly a Japan-only game and XB1 isn’t popular in Japan.

      WiiU is basically dead right now. Nintendo said they’re not even going to manufacture it anymore.

      There’s probably a decent chance of PSO2 coming out on NX. If it doesn’t fucking crash and burn before then from huge lack of content and overuse of microtransactions.

      • I know Nintendo is shifting things towards the NX which is why I never even mentioned the Wii U. But seriously devs need to start learning that more money is to he had by putting games on Nintendo consoles as well instead of excluding them.

    • I hear ya, it’s the same reason why people say the Nintendo 3DS Senran Kagura games are better than the ps vita ones& why people want more Senran Kagura on Nintendo consoles like the Wii U or NX instead of being forced to play with a bunch of crazy SOny Elitists to get more Senran Kagura.

      Fuck that I’ve been gaming since the 80’s & Nintendo has been just fine!! That Bayonetta 2 drama bullshit from Psycho SOny Cronies (nice description btw) was the last straw. I sold my Vita & am only using my ps3 as a cheap bluray player ever since.