Sankaku App 2.0: Uploading & Editing

unpantsuing by feguimel

The Sankaku App has reached version 2.0, with the addition of post uploads, tag editing and access to the full post tag history to round things off.

The changes wrought by 2.0:

Post uploading: Posts can now be created from the app, with uploads of any of the content supported by the site possible (currently JPG, PNG, GIF, SVG, SWF, WEBM and MP4 are fully supported). Tags, rating, and a source can all be specified at the time of upload.

Tag editing: A post’s tags can now be edited from within the app – editing can be started from a post’s info panel, and tags removed or added from the same interface, and then saved when done.

Post edit history: The history of edits made to a post by other users can be examined in a new display in the post info panel. Edits can be up or down voted, undone individually, and the post reverted completely to an earlier state.

It is freely available now in both Black and White editions.

Questions, quandaries, qualms and quibbles are all welcomed via email or comments.

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