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    • he cauterized the bite and source of the infection with the burning wood. bolted the harness onto himself to not be torn apart / break his spine. maybe he knows the virus is volatile enough to die off when “turning” is prolonged.
      the stone seems to have unknown properties, however.

  • Anime is evolving. Now everyone’s using these new techniques for animation and the results are quiet spectacular. I have no watched an anime in like 8-10 years but I might take a look at this one since it seems to be pretty gory.

      • moeblobs. there are too many of them and in between you find animes that lose themselfs in clich├ęs aside from having not a big budget.
        AOT and KoIF make obvious use of computer rendering, and that isn’t cheap compared to sweatshop drawing farms.

        This here is anime of the year material.

  • Anonymous says:

    This is a very good anime after watching the first episode.
    Heck, since it’s made by the same studio for Attack on Titan, it does has some similarities to it.
    Episode 1 feels like similar to the first episode of AOT when Colossal titan breach the walls and the titans swarm in eating people. Here, basically the same when those zombies breach the fortress by train and start biting people. IDK about you people, but for me it feels like it.
    What do you think?

    • lol, i was watching this with a friend and we both noticed this was made by the same studio as AOT and thought of 2 scenarios linking this to AOT.

      1) This is what happened like 50-100 years b4 AOT(different continent), later on someone tried to cure/control the zombies but made them into titans instead.

      2) Happening same time as AOT. This is in Japan, while AOT is in Europe.

      Hell, the weapons you see in the preview for the next episode look similar to the 3d maneuver gear but without the wires.

      • while similarities exist so far, I believe AOT is in the far future, titans are a bioweapon and mankind has regressed to a pre-industrial stage losing all technology.
        Kabanieri of Iron Fortress is definitely in the onset of industrial revolution, the steam age.

    • Funny I had the same exact feeling when watching this that it feels very similar to AoT. Even that steam weapons had the AoT feel, advanced weapons that weren’t quite that advanced. I did realy enjoy the first episode and am really looking forward to see how this all develops.

      Really want to know how the “virus” was suppressed by the protag.

    • Anonymous says:

      Also is similar about, those zombies already there, they do not explain how or where that virus comes from as the titans first episode, the questions are, are there hybrid zombies, that can control them? like in SNK they can control the titans, who is the mastermind after that virus, is there an antidote?

  • Anonymous says:

    Attack on Trainwreck.

    Biggest plot hole in history of anime: Why paranoid shitless villagers who blow the brains out of a train crew with a scratch, would lower the drawbridge, the most vulnerable lifeline to the village, for any train to waltz right in with possible infected ghouls.

    That goes beyond the suspension of disbelief. You have to be “the guy” who gets his village destroyed, if you actually think that wasn’t a silly convenient plot device.

    • I whole heartedly agree. While the tunnel can’t be a decontamination area because the Z would just go around, opening the gate before the train stops is idiocy.

      I write the placement of everything, especially tunnel next to station, off as plot device.

    • It’s not plot hole. At first I had the same feeling, but after 2nd time I saw missed clues.

      1)Every train has special timing, maybe they make appointments while passing the village, or villages has some communication device? So if train can maintain it’s timeplan, then it means nothing happened

      2)The train gave a SOUND SIGNAL, that usually means “prepare to arrival”, that means there are living people there.

      3)Even if you’re paranoid/afraid, you still have mental limits. You can only keep on living in such pressure, if you have some routine to follow, or rules, that can “take away” part of your stress/responsability

      So what got is that guards, who were performing their monotone duties got tricked to believe, that everything is normal. The train is coming at the right time – check, The train crew gives a signal – check, By the rules everything is ok, so let’s do the next step – lower the bridge

      The only bad point I found in this crash, is that the wagons fly too far and the explosion was to powerful. It’s too heavy and since it’s steam engine, it can’t blow so hard. In reality it would destroy the bridge and ram at the wall under it.

    • Anonymous says:

      i was thinking the same thing, the previous train was stopped at the bridge before it even lowered. but the one that comes at the dead of night that they cant see yet, they lower the bridge ahead of time haha.

      • I’ll explain this for you wannabe geniuses:

        The first train came ahead of time because one of the other stations was overrun and they merely blazed through it (see the beginning of the episode).

        This shifts the entire schedule for every following train. “Being early” is now “being on time”, and what used to be “on time” is now “running late”.

        When the second train arrives on what they think is “on time”, it’s actually running late. But since those two workers have obviously been used to trains being on time lately, they just casually let the drawbridge down like the idiots they are.

        The entire premise of this show is “human idiocy/hypocrisy”.
        This scene serves to contrast the behavior that was shown when they handled the naked guy.

        • But this is stupid, why not use the own tunnel as one checkpoint, and the bridge as a last resort ..
          The anime albeit with similarities to titan surprize with even more action and gore ..

          I find it funny the definition of zombie these days, someone dead with only a minimal part of the working brain, rotten and torn muscles runs more than a doped athlete with super powers ..

      • Anonymous says:

        that was pretty much explained in the episode, if you’d bothered paying attention. since you can’t be bothered to, perhaps you might want to drop this show. Others might do a better job of holding your hand for you.

        • Anonymous says:

          The “On Time” argument is bogus cop out. If the previous train was ahead of schedule because of a village falling. Wouldn’t the next train also be ahead of schedule?

          That and if a train is early or late is a stupid way to justify not being cautious with possible infected ghouls being stowaways.

          One ghoul jumping off a train could infect numerous people in minutes.

          Also, The virus incubation rate is ridiculous. The entire premise of human survival with the virus having a 100% infection rate with incubation period being mere minutes to hours Is a logistical fallacy. How would a village survive long enough to make these fortress cities? How can you even maintain the railroads to even continue these trade routes?

    • Anonymous says:

      it was called “being afraid” of the zombie infection spreading and not having an alternate means to confirm whether a train is carrying zombies until the train exits the tunnel.
      that being said, the flow is fairly good for a first episode.