Final Fantasy VII Remake: “We’ll Change What We Want!”


More news regarding the highly anticipated (or perhaps highly dreaded) Final Fantasy VII remake has surfaced, implying that the esteemed RPG is about to undergo yet more drastic changes that will no doubt garner further hatred from long-time fans.

Yoshinori Kitase, Tetsuya Nomura, and Kazushige Nojima of the development team have claimed (via the latest issue of Game Informer) that they have the authority to make changes to the game due to having worked on the original, with the entirety of the plot apparently not being safe from these alterations either.

It has also been unveiled that the game’s first volume (or whatever it will be called) currently stands at about 30+ hours of total playtime, suggesting some combination of padding, grinding or optimism has been added to the mix, at least making for a multi-part milking which will be overly long rather than overly short.

The Final Fantasy VII remake is available for pre-order now; no release date has been confirmed, but the team has mentioned that they intend to speed up the game’s development cycle.

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  • If it was me, especially for such a treasured work, I would have simply made both an original version and an altered version.

    The Odin Sphere HD remake has something like that.
    Notice it’s usually smaller groups of creators that actually care.

  • Anonymous says:

    This site is literally the only place on the internet where I see mostly opposition towards the game. Everyone else outside is either neutral, expecting anything, waiting for more info to form an opinion or actually optimistic (because it makes sense, being a game still in development…), with the doomsayers being a minority. Had no idea this site was full of FF VII fanboys… I could have sworn them extinct a few years after the original. And that includes even YouTube comments – you KNOW something is wrong when you make less sense than YouTube comments…

    And yes, I know I will be downvoted to oblivion since having an opinion different than what the hive mind dictates here is a federal crime, I have seen it several times happening. “Oh, I actually think this game might be–” “SHUT UP AND MINDLESSLY SHIT ON IT AND SQUEENIX LIKE THE REST OF THE HIVE, DAMN IT!”. No surprises there. Not like this site is representative of the reality around the game in any way.

    My only complaint is that the game will cost 120+ dollars, which is just way too overpriced for ANY game. Hell, I would not pay that for even the original.

    • SanCom Savior~Return of the Based-god says:

      For the record, I upvoted you even at my own expense. Final Fantasy 7 was my first RPG experience which served as a gateway to other JRPGs, and I’m stoked about this remake regardless of the changes. Fuck these whiners.

      • From what I was reading on outside sources (including the one linked in THIS SAME article), people’s main worries are about the possible censorship the game may undergo. You know, Don Cornelio, Cloud’s crossdressing, that honey-themed brothel, Tifa’s breasts, Barret’s vocabulary, etc. You know, worries that make sense.

        Absolutely nobody is discussing non-censoring changes to the game outside here. So yes, I am with you.

  • Let me play a little Nostradamus here. The first episode is going to include a full story of the original. Then, the 2nd episode is going to be a ‘sequel’ so to speak, with the story continuing beyond meteor crisis.

  • …Still buying from squareenix
    They can only make pretty graphics now

    Final Fantasy Tactics for the gameboy was horrible due to the changes

    I dare not to imagine just how bad this will be, like in Hollywood, they have a masterpiece of a story and they cant handle it

      • Anonymous says:

        SJW against burqa in real world. But in game? They are completely agree with Taliban and want all girl fully covered like with burqa, to prevent male get horny and become rapist if they see their skin.

        • Anonymous says:

          And when you try to explain they will try their utmost effort to immediately link everything to male masturbation in lightning speed, and scream everything is sexist against women?

        • Anonymous says:

          Yeah, that’s what people say about them, not what they really say. I know, it’s fun to pick on them on things that sound funny/ridiculous, but seriously, people should start reading more or actually talking to them, not to impersonators.

    • Anonymous says:

      Completely same mind as SJW, “It is OK when we do it” BS.
      When they wear bikini, behave like a slut it is ok.

  • Anonymous says:

    Guaranteed to be every bit as awful as the new Evangelion movies and comics are compared to the original works… Plus extra bad, because Square-Enix is one of the worst game companies ever and have never released a single good game since their merger.

  • Anonymous says:

    They need to understand that a lot of the fans asking for this remake are really looking to relive the nostalgia of the original game in a shiny new HD package, and the more they talk about changes, the more upset/disinterested these fans will become.

    • Anonymous says:

      Then the fans do not even want a “remake” to begin with, they pretty much want an HD rehash, which I do not see how it would improve on the original game since it never needed good graphics or voice acting to be good.

    • Anonymous says:

      You need to understand that there’s a huge difference between REMAKE and REMASTERED. What you mentioned is a REMASTERED version. REMAKE means.. to make something again from scratch.. which with either combat system you can’t satisfy everyone. As the creator, they have the power to do what they want… if sales were bad with the new combat system, you think they would have reverted it back to the old system like… 10 years ago right???

      • Remasters are based around the same assets polished up, the same code core, usually with higher resolution textures (which, in the case of FFVII, don’t exist anymore because Square in their infinite wisdom purge their archives all the time), filtering, possibly new lighting.

        People were asking for a remake, with new assets, 3D, High Definition. Maybe a few additions and bringing it in line with more recent entries to the Compilation of FFVII, putting in some side content, fine-tuning systems that didn’t quite work as well as they could have.

        This is more of a Reboot than a Remake, however.

      • Anonymous says:

        Bawwwww you little snowflake, now that babbys always complain about grinding and screaming how ruby weapon always rape their asses, you can always buy Knights of the Round materia only for 39 Squeenix Coins.

        Let me guess, you fucked the Vincent Puzzle on your first playthrough, right fucko?

    • Anonymous says:

      Hopefully good ones, but apparently there is no such thing as “good changes” according to people here. Ironic, considering the original game itself was pretty much the embodiment of change compared to the 6 games before it.

      • Anonymous says:

        Fans wanted a remastered FF7. Not remade. Upgraded graphics and such with maybe a few new ‘twists’. Fans did not want a completely different game that is only loosely based on a much beloved thing from their past. It’s a big fuck you to the fans and an obvious grab for money when they could have had that money grab on a simple remaster. Now, many fans won’t buy it. But, I’m sure new people will so… win win?

        • Anonymous says:

          I take it that you already played it so you’ve drawn such a conclusion.

          I’m a fan but it’s not as if FF VII was the only thing I play even now. Imagine such high quality graphics that just plays out on a waiting game. Wouldn’t it look like an over glorified pokemon where you just base your winning shit to stats that overpowers the NPC? That would only leave the story to carry the game and as far as I can tell, only those “fans” would appreciate the story.

          Cash grab? Well, say hello to 2016 you dumb fan.

        • SanCom Savior~Return of the Based-god says:

          Why would Square Enix waste a modern game engine and the sheer power of next gen systems only to “update the graphics” while retaining the old turn-based combat system? So that you hipster-fag purists viewing the world through nostalgia-tinted glasses can feel smug about it? That would be a waste of Square’s time and an even bigger waste of a $60-70 dollar game.

    • Anonymous says:

      “FF VII Remake” is pretty much the equivalent of a clickbait. I agree, the game’s name should not include “remake” in it, even if it is technically correct, since most people think remakes are the same game with better graphics/voices or whatever. But it sells. So… yes.

      • Here’s the problem everyone needs to get, if they remade the game the same way as the old in basically every way with new graphics, what exactly would be the point? Seriously, it really does nothing for them because the same people who want the remake also turn around and say ‘well I could always just play the original.’

        This wishywashy nature is the very reason they didn’t commit to it in the first place. I am certain they will find a way to make the game unique while retaining elements that made the original what it was, but also there is nothing to gain for creators to rehash their original design.

        That and the market has shifted, and turn-based gameplay does not draw in new players.

        You have to reconcile the concept that they will utilize the old concepts and characters and store to draw in new blood in a new way, and that they cannot just do the same thing with prettier graphics. I’m sure even they have a fondness for what they did, and will keep it in a certain light, but there is no real loyalty in the FF7 lovers. It’s either what they love, or it’s not good enough, so they are not worth appealing to in any way shape or form. The unreasonable nature of rock and a hard place in which their nostalgia places them is completely irrelevant, so no purpose in really trying to please them.

        As always, I want them to do what THEY think is fun and good, not what we do. I’ll enjoy it because they’re great at what they do. They’ve earned that acknowledgement.

        • Anonymous says:

          What you list as a “problem everyone needs to get” is no such thing. First off, the fans who have been begging for this remake are not wishywashy because they are talking about just playing the original when they find out there are major changes coming. When people thought it was a straight remake excitement was through the roof, it only declined when they said they where changing things.

          Second, regarding the “it really does nothing for them” portion, Square Enix has known how much the fanbase wanted this remake for years and have basically been saving it for a rainy day, which is now for them. Most(not all) people are completely disenchanted with them as a company after so many lack luster performances and rushed out titles ending in utter failure. This was basically a voucher for them to print money but instead of giving the fans what they have been requesting for years, they are trying to spin it into something new and using the tactics that have caused so many series fans to walk away. Now they are talking about once again rushing out a title which never ends well for them. They have far more to lose by changing things and rushing out three separate games than they had to gain by appeasing the fanbase and giving one. A simple look at the sales numbers will show this. FFVII sold 10 million copies on the playstation nearly 20 years ago(11 plus total now), while their newer games with all these changes for a “market shift” have peaked at less than 7.5 million copies sold. Trying to make changes to appease new markets has lost them more older fans than it has gained new ones, it’s simple math.

          Lastly, saying that they are great at what they do is a matter of opinion, an opinion that the numbers don’t really align with. They have made countless mistakes and lost a huge portion of sales/fanbase. Forgetting/ignoring the people who made you what you are is simply bad business. Imagine if you went to a great restaurant with excellent service but when you visited again the staff either ignored you completely or insulted you. How likely are you to return and how likely are the first time visitors who see this treatment likely to return? This is essentially what they are doing with their business practices. That type of service does not earn them any positive acknowledgement it just proves that they refuse to acknowledge the part their fans have played in their success.

        • The loss of sales you are referring to is not because of the nature of their games or a loss in fanbase based on their actions alone. FF7 was an alignment of elements in gaming history that changed the world, not just the industry. The story and characters were not THAT amazing, however the delivery was completely solid enough to be beyond everyone’s expectations, even after FF6 pretty much set the bar for the ability to make a truly dark plot.

          What has changed is expectation and generations. Those who played videogames back then are not the same people. Some of us have tapped into each new generation, others have not. Some prefer retro and have not taken a liking to newer games which confirms the birthing of the indie market regressing to an 8/16-bit style.

          Square’s games have always been absolutely amazing. That is something ‘fans’ have perpetually lost in their own selfish intentions of what they want. They haven’t actively tried to alienate the fanbase, but they have tried new things with the genre. If they had made the same game over and over again, you would have the same exact complaints about the opposite side now.

          For example I am right now replaying FFX, and it is almost exactly like FFXIII in terms of how linear it is. I was specifically looking for what made it different than FFXIII since everyone seemed to point out the map, and the reality is that the nature of the demographic has changed.

          If some cocksucker had posted that all maps are straight lines back in 2001 on an internet that had as much widespread social media as we do now, then it could have destroyed FFX too, but it wouldn’t really, because nobody thought about open world at the time.

          Daggerfall existed long before FFX, and was completely open, but didn’t play a role in considerations for FFX, because the context of console vs PC was no contest.

          This is what FF7 fans who want the same game all over again with better graphics do not get and either refuse to understand, or flat out don’t care.

          In either case, as much as I too would love an FF7 with the Advent Childen level graphics and cutscenes, I understand it will not happen that way, and will instead enjoy the new game for what it is, not what I expect it to be.

  • Anonymous says:

    People should just stop wasting their time crying butthurt weeberfanf@g tears about this remake. Either buy it, play it, love it, or shut the fuck up and play it on PC or PlayStation. 🙂

      • Anonymous says:

        there’s a difference between negative and being assholes, so far, I’ve only seen assholes who trash the game like it’s the worst shit to ever come out of life, not even a single damn good thing like praise for its graphics even if they don’t like the design

        seriously, this shit is like the whole Call of Duty thing all over again, “We want change!” *something actually changes* “Fuck you for changing!”

  • Anonymous says:

    If any of those changes involve greatly expanding the world and filling with side quests and optional bosses to kill, I’d like that.

    It’d be nice to have something to do without progressing the story and just explore, explore, and explore some more!

  • Anonymous says:

    My only major complaint about this has ever been about the game being episodic, the rest are minor nitpicks.

    Also, for the people who were expecting classic FF7: what the hell did you think was going to happen!? They’ve stated several times that they wanted to modernize the series, yet all of the complaints I’ve been seeing around the internet are about how it’s not classic FF7; if you wanted classic FF7, then play the damn original. Now I wait to be downvoted to oblivion by salty nostalgia nerds and shouted at through the internet.

    It’s no wonder why Square Enix didn’t want this to happen.

    • Noodlestein says:

      the “Then go play the original” “arguement” is so played out at this point.
      At least come up with something new
      And “turn based doesnt work well in 3d” arguement doesnt count either… can’t believe that I actually have been seeing that.

      • Anonymous says:

        I can see a modern game with classic turn-based combat working, I just don’t see it being very popular with most people considering what’s popular these days.

        I wouldn’t mind the complaints so much, if they weren’t all saying “this isn’t the original” and nitpicking the smallest thing they can find.

        Seriously, give me a good reason why Final Fantasy 7 Remake is going to be a bad game aside from “it’s not Final Fantasy 7” or “we never asked for this” then I’ll shut up because so far, I haven’t found a single reasonable complaint. It’s not the Final Fantasy we were expecting, but at least something happened.

  • Anonymous says:

    I actually could not fathom the turn based original. Only turn based RPG game I’ve ever actually liked was from the Megaman Battle Network series. Action RPG all the way! Kingdom Hearts was the best Square game I’ve ever played.

  • Anonymous says:

    I expected changes. It is a remake, and not a remastering. I do hope they make the game more challenging though. The original Final Fantasy VII was a very easy game….even the Weapons were a joke.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s a bad thing if, like most people, you just wished the ORIGINAL had been released in 2015. Which is what most people crying about aremake wanted. Some people (mainly people too young to know the original one) will like it, but when what you wanted was a “if only the game had been created on ps3″then it’s a deal breaker.

  • Anonymous says:

    “the team has mentioned that they intend to speed up the game’s development cycle.”

    That’s always a good sign. Not only will we get our game fast but at this rate, a nice QUALITY product it’s also likely!


  • Anonymous says:

    Changing something isn’t necessarily a bad thing. No movie remake ever claimed to have changed nothing (and some were better than the original). Given the quality of recent games from SquareEnix however, I sincerly doubt the edits will make the story or game better though…

    However I’m gonna take a look at the finished game before I make my decision. No use getting all riled up over something that is bound to be changed and revised every fortnight until release.

      • Anonymous says:

        I wouldn’t go buying a Microsoft system if you’re a fan of RPG genre games. Microsoft has shit selection for RPG’s comparatively, with companies like Gust, Marvelous, NIS, Compile Heart, Idea Factory and several others giving more attention to Sony over them and often not releasing a lot of their RPG’s on X-Box at all. Microsoft more panders to the Shooter genre.