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  • Anonymous says:

    Frankly, in many of the hentai anime and manga featuring rape, many things could have been avoided had the ‘victim’ did the sensible thing. All these ‘rape’ plots only happened because they are too scared/embarrassed to report the rapist.

    • Anonymous says:


      But Japan’s sex abuse laws are shit. Full blown rape will only get the rapist 1-3 years in jail, even for the forcible violent kind. And the stigma to victim’s reputation, however unfair it may be, still is ruined.

      That and the Cops are all males and they treat victims like shit there.

      Don’t just take my word for it. google it. In the past I’ve wondered about it and researched it.

      Still, I’m sure the hentai exaggerate it a bit. But the Japanese culture is different than modern west cultures.

  • Anonymous says:

    Funny how sankaku sometimes doesn’t accept comments you post or its just a bad website lol.. but anyway this henta is BORING !!! like most hentai coming out the lack of monster fukking or futa’s is just disturbing!! japans going downhill!!

  • Anonymous says:

    >sure to make viewers wonder why the hapless woman doesn’t simply report the situation.

    I may preach to the choir, but it’s because it’s japan and it’s disgracing for women to admit being forced into sex despite the japanese society failing to recognize their otherwise free will.
    women are allowed to be cute, nothing more. everything else is treated as deviant and is casted out, ignored or considered as threatening.

    • Anonymous says:

      I tried replying to this earlier, but I must have triggered some keyword is automatically filtered in order to protect the ideology. You are categorically wrong about everything you just said, but it doesn’t help anyone for your message to just be down-voted without an explanation.

      I can not explain this more clearly without getting my message deleted. There are no rigid gender roles because there are no penalties for going outside gender roles. You may think that there are, but that’s only because some idiot told you there there are, and you actually believed them uncritically. The process of reporting is not frowned upon because it could have happened to them, their sister, or their mother. People won’t even know because it’s anonymous. You can not be unquestionably believed, because believing an accuser, means assuming the guilt of the accused.

    • Anonymous says:

      You have a very warped and dangerous view of society in Japan and in all likelihood you probably think the same of western societies. Your complaint is about gender roles, and the power you think these gender roles have to keep people oppressed.

      Do you even understand what you are saying? In this order, you complained that women are discouraged from reporting rape, that their free will is limited by societal pressures, they aren’t allowed to step out of their 1 rigid gender role, so any complaint to the police will get you socially ostracized, police will ignore it, and try to silence you.

      That is exactly patriarchy theory with belief in a rape culture. You are either a f*minist, or if you didn’t know you are a f*minist, you have metaphorically drank the poison kool-aid and actually believed what they told you at your high school or college. I don’t have the time or space to explain in detail, but your way of thinking is wrong on all accounts.

      You CAN report a rape, no one else has to know (they don’t announce it), and you better have evidence because putting innocent people in jail should not be possible. Just because you think Japanese girls are cute doesn’t mean that non-cute ones don’t exist, and those girls live a full life like anyone else. There are no penalties for not being cute. Just because police ask questions, it doesn’t mean they are ignoring your complaint, you can not demand people believe your story unquestionably because that assumes the guilt of the person you are accusing. Most of all, hentai does not reflect reality.