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Star Ocean 5 Censored: “No Sexualizing Underage Girls!”



An interview held with character designer Akira Yasuda, director Hiroshi Ogawa, and producer Shuichi Kobayashi of the soon-to-arrive Star Ocean 5 has revealed some of their insight on the “feminist craze” sweeping the western hemisphere and the precautions they have taken to avoid criticism, sure to have fans once again enraged at the SJW inquisition sweeping all parts of the world reachable by greasy keyboard.

The interview revealed that the game has unsurprisingly been altered for its western release (one of their many “precautions”), subjecting the lovely Miki’s pantsu to an exponential increase in size – a minor change that is still censorship none-the-less:

“Recently, there’s been a lot of flak from overseas countries saying that if you put teens in ‘sexual’ underwear it’s not good,” said Kobayashi. “So we increased the amount of clothing.”

Fans have been astonished at the fact that developers would be willing to make so ridiculous a change as a pantsu enlargement to avoid potential backlash, but considering the state of the SJW community and their hold over the gaming media mafia, such trepidation might be justified.

Star Ocean 5: Integrity & Faithlessness and its skimpy pantsu will make its way to PS4 on March 31st, with a western release slated for whenever.

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  • Anonymous says:

    Meanwhile we have a curvy girl in a checkerboard robe with holes in it showing bits of skin. But nah, the pantsu gotta go! Great job PC police, once again, nuance and subtlety go over your heads.

    Thank the nine for playasia

  • Anonymous says:

    Fucking great. Another otherwise perfectly fine game being ruined by unnecessary censorship.

    Granted it’s not terrible. Sure, we don’t get glorious little cusp of under-booty anymore from the smaller panties, but we still get the panties.

    Though it also says “(one of their many “precautions”)”, which ominously means there could be lots more of these censors in the final game with varying degrees of severity. This instance might only be panties, but entire costumes or even cut scenes might be altered.

    I swear to fucking god, if they alter the green haired girl’s appearance in the western release I’ll fucking snap.

  • Anonymous says:

    This is getting ridiculous. I won’t stoop to the level of some people and say that SJWs don’t exist (pretty much proving you are one), but to actually believe they have the power to stop games from releasing here or drastically effect sales is just dumb. They are harmless, but they do exist. They’re just a bunch of beta pansy-ass male feminists who love to circle jerk each other on social media websites.

  • Figured this shit would happen again, LOL. Already the comments are making me cry laughing. Maybe the Western world should just stick with their own shittytard games and leave the “pervy sexualizing Lolis” to the Japanese and to those who can can actually appreciate and tolerate these kind of games regardless of their content, hmmmmmm? Just saying. 🙂

  • I could not find the raw Japanese interview. How do we know there was no mistranslation..? That has happened before.

    The original interview does not even mention feminists or SJWs at all like the quote-on-quote “feminist craze” words here suggest, only the “overseas countries” were cited as shown on this post.

    Even if no mistranslation occurred, how do we know it is not just them being ignorant on what Western countries actually think of those things..? I get the impression that absolutely EVERY Japanese game with some “questionable” content would be getting some form of censorship if it truly was because of SJW outrage, but that is not the case at all. This could be just one company overreacting to Western puritanism, which is not necessarily present ONLY in SJWs.

    Hell, do we even have quotes from some feminist/SJW site where they actually gave a damn about Star Ocean 5 BEFORE the article on was made..? They are usually very loud about whatever jihad they are planning next.

  • I am not sure I understand the logic behind these decisions… They avoid enraging a couple of irrelevant SJWs who do not even buy the product, but enrage FAR MORE other people who DO buy the product and may be direct fans. That just seems like straight bad marketing decisions to me…

    And those SJWs also have less power over them: fans can decide to not buy their censored product. So, yes, who makes these decisions..? I am starting to think they themselves have some hidden SJWs on their development team pulling strings. That is all I can think of that makes sense.

  • What I don’t get is whose dollar are the looking for? SJW’s and Feminazi aren’t buying your game regardless of you putting full mustaches on all female chars so why try and appeal to them in the first place?

  • I can understand why they say not to “sexualize” teens/underage girls. But what about all the actual real life teens/underage girls who do wear “sexual” underwear or “sexual” clothes for that matter? Hell for a time every single 16 year old girl went fucked around and got pregnant just to be on tv. Did they immediately ban “16 and pregnant” when MTV aired the show? Nope they let it run.

  • Japan needs to realize three things:

    1. Porn is already porn, so stop censoring it already.

    2. Nobody else cares about people pretending to be offended about 100%-fictional and non-real content they can just readily avoid. Let the SJWs do what they may–they can’t stop universal freedom of speech.

    3. Last time I checked. the West still sexualizes young girls. Case in point: Age of consent in many places here is 16, sometimes 17.

    Basically, you can legally sleep with a teen girl, but as soon as you take a picture of her nude, it’s suddenly ch*ld porn. Which is absurd. Which is it, SJWs? Is it “children” we’re dealing with, or someone old enough to make their own sexual decisions?

    The West needs to shut the hell up condemning other societies, until we get our own story straight. If I were Japan, I’d tell SWJs here to bug off. This is fictional stuff optional to notice in life, catered to a particular fan base.

  • Senran Kagura Estival Versus hasn’t received a mention on news channels and newspapers in the United Kingdom despite the characters having massive boobs and being half naked. Where’s the SJW backlash developers are scared of?

  • At that age kids don’t contribute much to the household in the way of chores so they are meant for molesting and sexualizing. At least in my family and friends it was. Without a release, I don’t think my family would have stayed together in those early days.

    So yes, good things can come out of sexualizing children.

  • YOu know all those games i bought from manga gamer jlist were censored. feel ripped off to the max paid over 35 bucks each worth only 10.99 with no sex. Da Capo games and more sucked ass.

    • The age stated in game doesn’t mean anything to them.
      If any virtual girl in game/anime is more beautiful, boob is larger/or smaller (=pedo), looks younger then the SJW/Feminazi then it is truly evil and need to be destroyed, they will scream “think for the children” “sexualize underage girl”.

      • Anonymous says:

        Bro? Have you read anything by SJWs ever? Even if the girl has giant boobs, they scream “it’s a 12 year old with big boobs!” Kektaku’s Jason Schreier even accused fans of Dragon’s Crown’s sorceress of being lolicons.

      • Bingo. I have seen some of the SJW’s giving hateful looks to beautiful young female IRL.
        They wonder why no one likes them? They are horrible people in the real world who are trying to force everyone to kowtow to their morality.

  • So… when are the SJWs going to do something about young girls sexualizing themselves in reality? Or that’s completely okay because they’re not helpless fictional girls who can’t decide for themselves?

    That’s the kind of bullshit argument I keep hearing from them.

    • Gaming media is not allowed to write bad things about games. Gamers noticed and stopped paying them attention and money. Gaming media got real scared of losing relevance and furiously attacked those gamers. (Gamergate)

      I just wonder why gamers didn’t notice this earlier. I stopped caring for gaming media back in 1993.

  • I’m from the west and I’m honest to god so sick and fucking tired of those fat worthless SJW’s, they’re a disease that needs to be killed off, i don’t even fucking care what i say anymore, i hope they all die and rot in hell. They’re not paying to play these games, WE ARE so fuck them and listen to us and us only, to be honest you could have put her in a thong and i wouldn’t have noticed nor given a shit i just want to play the game, what I’m pissed about is because this was brought up and you changed something so minor and fucking stupid
    what’s next, you’re going to make the girls a 400 pound overweight greasy piece of shit that screams “rape” every 5 seconds, god the day that happens is the day i quit life and blow my brains out
    FUCK SJW’S may they die and rot in hell

  • It’s really amazing how quick everybody on here is willing to instantly zip up his pants and happily join Rift’s little “grrrr Esss jay doubbleyouuus” circle jerks basically on command.
    Keep on being little dumbass shitbabies, nerds.

  • Femdom has become such a threat that they don’t even have to do anything anymore. All men cower in fear. Ridiculous. What are they going to do if they don’t like a game? Go on TV and tell 300 million people that in this game you can see a girl’s panties? Japanese people just don’t understand how marketing works.

  • The irony is that likely there really wouldn’t be a backlash – the SJWs already did what they needed – to instill the FEAR of backlash…

    subtle mass manipulation at it’s finest.

  • WTF!!!!!!!!! is all i can say… what now? do those fuckers will remove girls skirts or something?, if the girl is not fkng covered by 10 cm cloth only showing the eyes then its no good? fkng seriously… those guys that go against sexyness should be hit by a truck and die

  • I want a game where it is nothing but sexualized children and make it so it triggers every special snowflake in the world. Maybe their collective rage will cause them to combust and we can finally be free of their retardation.

    • Japan is reacting to Western SJW media shaming them. Look at what happened to the poor Dragon’s Crown artist. He made a game he liked, and got torn apart in the West because of it.

      There’s no way that’s not SJW fault.
      If SJWs weren’t constantly looking for someone to bitch at, other people wouldn’t be trying to avoid their bitching.

      It’s simple logic.

  • I don’t get why they censor like this.. all the complaints come from people who will NEVER buy their game anyway. Who gives a fuck if they’re offended?

    The niche gamers are the buyers and censorship turns them off so this actually translates to lost sales not increased sales.

  • thank you japan for getting rid of this blatant and problematic sexism and misogyny. it looks like japan is finally starting to think rationally. if you really want to look at cartoon highschool girls with skimpy outfits you’re sick in the head.

  • God dammit, I am so sick of these fat feminists bitches ruining games. I was gonna get this but again, it can go and fuck right off now. I will NEVER buy a game that has been censored, I will boycott it just like I did with street fighter.

    I encourage everyone else to boycott as well , lets hit this company where it hurts, there wallets , I will not give money to a company that allows fat feminist pigs to say what it can and can’t do.

  • UraSapMrJap says:

    I am am totally against the sexualization of real underage girls, but these girls aren’t real. Japan has a had long history of showing little bras/panties of kids in games and anime but I tend to overlook it because its ultimately just a drawing or a cg model. It’s still a weird taste and I would totally prefer to be without it but I know no one is getting hurt by it.

  • HAHAHA You westerner totally deserve it for having such a retard (and vocal) feminists/SJWs community. You’ll have to fix those feminists and “close minded” SJWs.

    YES it is YOUR problem, you don’t find that kind of problem in Japan.

    • Yeah. I’ve talked to various Japanese people about feminists. They said that feminists are not taken seriously in Japan.

      If you ask a Japanese female how hard it is to be a woman, they will say “being a male is hard too”.

      Ask a Western female? She will go on and on forever about how terrible and oppressive it is being a woman, and how much better being a man obviously is.

      Ask a Western female if she’s ever considered being born as or living life as a man. I can guarantee that most will say “no, never”.

      • I’ve always wondered, is there a movement to actually do this or are they satisfied with ecchi and the myriad of weird fetishes that have emerged as a result of the pixelization?

        It’s so weird how they have all these anime and games with scantily clad children and they just recently made possessing CP illegal, but their adult porn is censored and nobody seems to be doing anything to change that.

        • There are movements, but taking into account the majority of voters are the elderly and they either approve it or don’t give a shit, it will take a couple of generations for the japs to actuallychange their censorship and antiobscenity laws.

  • They don’t give a fuck about your goddamn JRPG video games! Nobody seriously gives a fuck about how you dress your anime girls! Sometimes you might see a blog or a blurb, but you know what? No one notable gives a fuck about them! All you are doing is showing your fanbase what closeted, quivering asshats you apparently are.

    Do I give a shit that you increased the size of a character’s underwear? No, not really. Do I mind that you’re doing this because you feel threatened by “shadowy pervasive forces of western criticism”? Yes, because that’s bullshit, and you should call it out for being bullshit rather than hem and haw about things that will never happen to you in relation to this game, ever.

    Freaking look at your audience for once and realize they want to support you, and then stop making it so hard to do with asinine decisions!

    • The real irony is that the SJWs they pander to aren’t even going to buy their game. Worse, the corrupt journalists whom are allied with SJWs will make pathetic excuses for “news” articles decrying the diapers anyway. Just like how some retards went on to claim that “GamerGate lost” because Linkle exists, and then went on to talk about how she’s transphobic. You can not win when you try to pander to these fucking crybullies, and nay, you’re only going to end up losing a significant portion of the fanbase that was already there for you.

    • It’s bullshit when it’s exaggerated but I understand your feeling.

      If they really cared, the most sensitive thing they could do is actually design original and immerse costumes and chaacters that fit the universe ( and avoid beeing rpg cliches that bore anyone to death ) instead of trying to “fix” some “issue” later on.

      Heck, look at that green haired character in the shots. The irony is almost naked. ; )

    • Unfortunately this is how the Japanese operate. They are extremely sensitive to criticism, and their emphasis on group harmony over individuality means they overcompensate to avoid “making waves”.

      • The fans aren’t quite so blind, however, as evidenced by the largely negative reaction to such a cowardly move. Hopefully, Japanese companies learn a lesson once they see that they’ve pissed off their home audience by doing crap like this.

    • I recommend everyone to go to their social media pages, or even email them directly about this. Let them know they are misunderstanding what’s going on, and why they should ignore SJW’s.
      Just remember to be respectful. If they see us being hateful, to them, we are no better than the SJW’s themselves.

    • Stop fucking caring about the shit holes called SJW! We have tv shows with woman half naked yet they attack games! Fuck SJW and quit catering to these bitches who don’t buy your product! Stupid asshole developers!

  • You know, if they hadn’t mentioned it, I probably wouldn’t have noticed, or cared. Now I do care. Not because I care about seeing underaged girls in panties, but because there’s any form of censorship at all.

  • Feminazi SJWs can find a way to ruin everything. The proper response is to listen carefully to their complaint and then do the _opposite_ of what they ask for. Make the game sexier. Make it more erotic. Make it more difficult. Extreme and unique is better than bland milquetoast.

  • Hey look, it’s Japan and Sankaku Complex pretending their straw feminist is a thing they totally didn’t make up. The choice for a developer to design their characters as sexualized or not is their choice and no one else’s, but the developer should stand by their decision and not make excuses for it (I’m looking at you Hideo Kojima).

    If these Japanese companies are being inundated with criticism from women and audiences outside of Japan, then that should say something about how backwards Japan is. The world isn’t wrong for wanting women to be more than sex dolls and personal slaves. The problem here is that Japan wants to treat children as sex objects, while the rest of the world doesn’t. Japan is in the wrong, and its developers should be responsive to this, or they should retreat deeper into their xenophobic shell and let their industry stagnate and die (which seems to be the route they most prefer).

    • Your post would make sense if they were censoring the original version as well.

      The fact is they are censoring only the Western version, because they want the game to sell better in the West. Thus, it’s typical to make alterations for the sake of appealing to Western culture.

      Make no mistake. The problem is WESTERN CULTURE.
      If Western culture wasn’t trying to deny reality and combat fiction all the time, nobody would need to make changes to appeal to the West.

      • The problem isn’t so much “Western Culture” but how people in power give too much attentions to a very small minority of loud mouths that keep twisting reality to make themselves appear as bigger than they really are… Just watch one of these online “feminist” internet channels then check what they present as facts and you’ll quickly see that most of what they say are downright lies and the rest is so twisted to make their point that it most of the time is closer to a lie than the truth… Past feminist that fought against real problems must be facepalming from heaven or wherever they are when hearing what those self proclaimed “feminist” are “fighting” for (namely getting more money from gullible fools)…

      • I take back a litle of what I said.

        It’s not so much Western culture as it’s Western MEDIA. They’re the ones that give so much attention to the SJWs.

        If you look at the West from any other country, obviously the things you hear most are going to be from the Western media.

        It’s the Western media that makes people think they need to change shit to appeal to the West.