Stranger of Sword City Trailer Tells Vital Tales




A trailer has surfaced for PSV labyrinth RPG Stranger of Sword City, touching lightly on the game’s story but mostly focusing on showing off the dungeon-exploring which will surely appeal to those who admire these types of overused RPG sub-genres.

The treacherous trailer:

Stranger of Sword City can be explored in great detail come April 26th.

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  • I don’t know this game, cannot say if I would like it or not but I’m kind of tired to see games just living from the manga art alone. Castlevania has this sickness,too. The same game over and over but decorated with new manga characters. If this game goes in the same direction, if we just play to see the flashy pictures and the rest is just “meh” it would be nothing for me.

    • Is it light (attacks very fast, can skip combat text because individual actions are not that important e.g. demon gaze / operation abyss)

      or heavy (attacks slow, cannot skip combat text because knowing if you landed that ability changes the entire battle e.g. Etrian)

  • This game is also available currently (a month earlier) digitally for Xbox One. From initial reports and a look at the class/skill system, it looks to play a fair bit like Demon Gaze, albeit with a few twists, like a class-change system instead of Artifacts, as well as the faction and life point systems.

    There’s also a third anime-style portrait option not shown above, which you can see on Experience’s Youtube page.